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Majestic SEO


Have you ever wondered how all the websites on the planet are linking to create a complete online intelligence network? Majestic SEO is the largest database of links in the world and the ultimate solution for companies who want to make sure they get the most out of their search engine strategy. There is no other search engine or site on the planet that can provide users with as much detailed information on the web.

Majestic SEO has announced a new set of link metrics, which should enable Google’s PageRank metrics and MozRank’s SEOmoz to make a living. The new Majestic SEO metrics are called Flow Metrics and are grouped into two categories; trust flow and quotes flow.

  • Citation Flow is a number of predictions of the influence of a URL on the number of sites linked to it.
  • Trust Flow is a number to predict how trustworthy a page is, based on the fact that trusted sites tend to be related to trusted neighbors.

Majestic SEO is one of the best link intelligence tools on the web, and most of them are free, so you do not have to worry about paying extra for website intelligence. The Majestic SEO tool is designed specifically for:

  1. Developers who want to have all the information needed to quickly develop new concepts for their customers.
  2. Entrepreneurs who need to prepare for future business opportunities by keeping track of their SEO and measuring their ranking success.
  3. Media experts who want to know what is already available on the web, what influences customers and what they can do to get a head start.
  4. SEO professionals who must be sure that they already provide the best quality of information to their clients.

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Majestic Business Benefits: Why use Majestic?

The backlink information provided by Majestic can be useful to your organization in many ways.

Majestic’s data and analysis can help:

  1. Guide your SEO efforts to bring more search engine traffic
  2. Track the progress of this content works (or does not work)
  3. Analyze competitors and compare with them
  4. Find partnership opportunities with sites or even sites to avoid

Majestic SEO Site Explorer

 The main benefit of Majestic Site Explorer is top-level back-link information, which can help you understand the composition of links to a particular website. The beauty of the system is that in a few clicks you can see similar top-level data, but at the page level. Understanding how backlinks are spread across websites is essential, even at the highest level. The service also distributes the main linkage domains to a particular website by helping you (always at a higher level and depending on the number of links not necessarily of quality) to see the key areas that influence a website. Overall, the tool offers a high-level, report-oriented view of a given website. Running across multiple sites and comparing key metrics helps to clarify the competitive landscape and can help drive action at the tactical level.