Netflix Error Codes

Netflix Error Codes

Netflix Error Codes


If you subscribe to Netflix, there will come a time when you will encounter an error that, most of the time, includes an error code. Here are some of the error codes and their meanings:

Netflix Error Codes

  • Error codes 60, 102, 200, 300, and 600 – You may receive one of these error codes when you start the Netflix service. When you appear in one of these codes, this means that the Netflix service is currently out of service or unavailable. Try to access Netflix after a while.
  • Error 100 – You may get this error when you start the Netflix service. When you get this, unplug your device for a while, then turn it back on.
  • Error 111 – You can see it when you try to access a Netflix account. Turn off your device and unplug it from the power supply for about 2 minutes. After that, reconnect it and turn it on.
  • Error 100017 – You can get it when you try to access a Netflix account. When you receive this, you must log out of your account and log back in. Click “More Details” and then “Reset / Disconnect”. After that, sign in to your Netflix account.
  • Error 301 – This may appear when you try to access the Netflix channel without registering or activating the Internet video device. To resolve this problem, make sure that the Internet video device has been correctly configured to display the Netflix channel.

Netflix error codes list – Causes and Solutions

Here are some of the key error codes for Netflix Support error code with their causes and solutions:

  • Netflix Support error code: H7361-1253-80070006

Cause:It is due to Internet browser needs updating

Solution: Run the browser update

  • Netflix Support error code: S7111-1309

Cause: It is due to Server problems with Netflix

Solution: Wait and drink tea

  • Netflix Support error code: NW-2-5

Cause: It is due to problem with the internet connection

Solution: Please check your internet connection via Wi-Fi or mobile data

  • Netflix Support error code: S7111-1957-205002

Cause: On an Apple MAC, this error shows a problem related with the browser Safari

Solution: Delete the Netflix website data in your browser

  • Netflix Support error code: S7111-1101

Cause: It is due to Data stored in the browser must be updated

Solution: Reset the cookies via: netflix .com/clearcookies

  • Netflix Support error code: 100

Cause: It is due to Bad connection or late software in use

Solution: Check internet connection and update software

  • Netflix Support error code: 30103

Cause: Occurs on Apple TV, if TV is not connected to Netflix

Solution: Run connectivity test, network check

  • Netflix Support error code: 111

Cause: It is due to no connection of application on TV or any other mobile device to Netflix

Solution: Delete App Data

  • Netflix Support error code: UI-113

Cause: Unable to connect to Netflix

Solution: Android Settings -> Apps -> System Apps -> Netflix, delete here the data of the application. Then login again.

  • Netflix Support error code: 10013

Cause: It occurs due to problem with this download

Solution: VPN and proxy services stop or temporarily disable

  • Netflix Support error code: ui-800-3

 Cause: It is due to no connection to Netflix service

Solution: Log out of Netflix and log in again; Empty app cache, reinstalling the app

  • Netflix Support error code: 9

Cause: It occurs due to Netflix has a problem and needs to close

Solution: For this, Uninstall and reload Netflix

  • Netflix Support error code: 0013

Cause: Different, but it only works on Android smartphones

Solution: Restart device; Empty App Cache, Reinstall the App

Netflix error codes list – Whoops, something went wrong

In Netflix, you may appear some message on your TV screen: “Whoops, something went wrong, an unexpected error has occurred, please reload the page and try again later”. If you get this kind message, Netflix will initially stop working. Moreover, an error code will be displayed. Based on the Netflix support error code, you can now try to solve the problem.

Here is a list of Netflix support error codes:

  1. Error Code: 60,102,200,300,600 – This error code is seen when you are trying to open a Netflix video.
  2. Error: 100 – Error code 100 appears when you start Netflix video service.
  3. Error: 301 – This error displays when you are trying to start a Netflix channel.
  4. Error: 5008 – It appears while you’re using internet video channels.
  5. Error while you are updating or accessing content.
  6. Content error appears while trying to view a Netflix Video.
  7. Unable to connect while the network is down.
  8. Protected content– You cannot see this because the content you want see is protected.
  9. Exceeded number of users– When huge number of viewers are watching, this appears.
  10. Right to view expired – You cannot see the data anymore.
  11. Title not available – Title is unavailable now, you have to look for another title.
  12. Error aip-70 – When you are trying to start Netflix on Google Tv, this kind of error receives.