Norton Backup Error

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Norton Backup Error

Norton Backup Error

Common Norton Backup Error Codes: 

1. A2266

2. A2810

3. A2816 

4. A4169

 5. A2028

 6. A1002 

Causes of the Norton backup error:

1. Some files may open during the backup. 

2. Some of the files are locked by other applications even if they are closed or minimized. 

3. In case any shared file is in the use or open.

 4. Internet connection lost in between. 

Steps to fix Norton backup error:

1. First of all, make sure that all the files are closed and then open the Norton application. 

2. Furthermore, select Settings and then click on the Backup Settings. 

3. Click on the configure after searching the Manage Backup. 

4. Select Summary and then go to Things You can do. Then you have to select Create New Backup Set. 

5. Furthermore, click Ok after typing the File Name and then select What. 

6. Now go to Backup Source and then add or remove files/documents you wish for. 

7. You also need to make sure that you select the proper File Type. 

8. In addition, select the destination for the backup by selecting the Where tab. 

9. Click on the Run Backup after clicking on the Save Settings, in conclusion. 

10. Now, wait until the  Backup process is finished and then you are done. 


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To resolve issues related to the backup process or Norton, contact Norton Support.