Norton Download Manager Error

Norton Download Manager Error

Norton Download Manager Error


This problem occurs when you install a new Norton product on the existing version of Norton product. Here is the solution for Norton Download Manager Error 80047ec6, 500. However, before you can start any process to solve the Norton Download Manager error, you need to follow some things. 

  1. The main cause of the error is due to the wrong installation process of Norton hence you will be required to uninstall the previously installed Norton Antivirus setup. 
  2. After that, you will be required to download Norton remove and re-install tool on your system or any other device which you are using.
  3. Now you will be needed to press Ctrl + J and you can see the download page open on your screen.
  4. After the previous step, you have to double-click on NRnR icon and read the license agreement carefully. 

Norton doesn’t install after starting Download Manager

To fix this problem, uninstall the existing version of Norton and install the new purchased version. 

Run the Norton Remove and Reinstall tool

  1. Download the Norton Remove and Reinstall tool. 
  2. Save the file to the Windows desktop. 
  3. To open the Downloads window in your browser, press the Ctrl + J key. 
  4. Double-click the NRnR icon. 
  5. Read the license agreement, and click Agree. 
  6. Click Advanced Options. 
  7. Click Remove Only. 
  8. Click Remove. 
  9. Click Restart Now. 
  10. After the computer restarts, follow the on-screen instructions to reinstall your Norton product. 

How to configure Norton Internet Security to work with Download Manager ?

  1. Run Norton Internet Security.  
  2. Press on ”Settings” button in top toolbar in new window.  
  3. Select ”Smart Firewall” in the left column of ”Settings” window, then press on ”Configure[+]” next to ”Program Control” in the list on the right.  
  4. Find and select ”Internet Download Manager” in new ”Program Control” window, and change IDM access to ”Allow” in ”Access” column on the right.  
  5. Then press on ”Apply” button, and then on ”OK” button. 

After this step, IDM will be able to download.  

If IDM has stopped downloading after updating, you will need to recreate this process from the beginning.