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Norton Error Code

Norton Error Code

How to fix Common Norton Error Code?

Norton Antivirus is a reliable and popular security product. It also does not only provide real-time protection, but also provides protection against all types of devices like Android, Windows, IOS, Laptops, Mobile Phones etc. However, other efficient and powerful Norton antivirus also fall prey to Norton Error Code. Here are some common Norton Error Code and steps to correct them. 

Error 3048, 3

Error code 3048 3 is the most common error that appears during the Norton Antivirus process. Apart from stopping the installation process, there is also a tendency to crash the working program window. This error causes an incomplete or failed installation. An error can be shown when Windows system files are corrupted or when Windows registry is corrupted. The error code for the error code 3048 3 is given below:- 

  1. Launch Norton Antivirus Program. 
  2. Go to Security Live Update. 
  3. Complete the update and click OK. 
  4. Run the latest protection updates. 
  5. Restart the computer system when the live updates are downloaded and run. 

Error 8504, 104 

The specific reason for error code 85-4, 104 is the presence of any other conflicting security software or the second version of Norton installed on the system. To fix this error, one needs to uninstall a third party or conflicting software and remove it completely from the system’s hard disk. Here’s how you can troubleshoot this error:- 

  1. Launch the Norton Security Software 
  2. Open Norton Remove and Reinstall Tool 
  3. Run Remove and Reinstall. 
  4. Remove Norton. 
  5. Open Control Panel. 
  6. Go to Uninstall or change a program. 
  7. Remove and uninstall all the other security software programs. 
  8. Head to Device Manager. 
  9. Open Display adapter. 
  10. Go to Properties of HD Graphics Card. 
  11. Check for the updates available for Video graphics driver. 
  12. Download and install the available updates. 
  13. Reboot your computer. 

Error 8506, 421

Error code 8506, 421 is one of the most common errors. It’s easy to fix this error by rebooting a PC. However, due to inevitable technical faults, error 8506, 421 may be rebuilt, but can be quickly resolved by installing Norton AntiVirus software. 

Error 8505, 129

Error code 8505, 129 occurs due to the proxy settings of the computer network. Removing and reinstalling the Norton Antivirus program can fix this error. Besides, you may need to run an advanced scan to remove virus infections and malicious software. There is a quick way to fix this error:- 

  1. Go to Start. 
  2. Type Internet Options in the search box. 
  3. Press Enter 
  4. Launch the Internet options window. 
  5. Go to Connections. 
  6. Click on LAN settings 
  7. Check if any Proxy server box is checked or not. 
  8. Click on OK. 
  9. Select Apply. 
  10. Click on OK button. 

Norton Error 3039, 65559

Norton Error 303 9, 65555 happens after system restoration and uninstalling the Norton program can fix this error. Here are the steps to fix this error:- 

  1. Download Norton Remove and Reinstall. 
  2. Open the Remove and Reinstall tool. 
  3. Click Agree to the license agreement. 
  4. Click on the Remove/Remove and Reinstall button. 
  5. Click on continue. 
  6. Click on Remove. 
  7. Click on Restart Now. 
  8. Download the Norton Power Eraser. 
  9. Click on save. 
  10. Run Norton Power Eraser. 
  11. Accept the license agreement. 
  12. Go to Unwanted Application Scan in the Norton Power Eraser window. 
  13. Click Uninstall in the Unwanted Application Scan window. 
  14. Follow the on-screen prompts and uninstall. 
  15. Reboot the computer system.