Norton Live Update Error



What is Norton Live Update Error?

Norton Antivirus seems to be some of the more effective and effective capabilities to handle all types of malware programs in real time. If you are using a system Norton antivirus program on your computer, there is no need to worry about any malware attack. It has advanced tools and features that can help you to avoid all kinds of challenges in real time. But what if you are unable to update your Norton program using the Live Update tool? This is a serious error that needs to be resolved soon using advanced troubleshooting techniques. If you are unable to update the antivirus program with the latest version you are inviting system critical corrupted elements on your computer. 

When Norton Live Update is not troubleshooting, there are some critical elements that experts would always consider when troubleshooting. To solve all the problems in real-time, you can find more effective and useful Norton technical support services to handle technical errors with the Norton Live Update tool. 

You may see some error messages for a problem with the Norton Antivirus program. The messages are: 

  1. Norton antivirus not updating 
  2. Norton antivirus live update not working 
  3. Norton live update failed to complete 
  4. Norton 360 live update not working, and many more 

 Steps to solve Live Update Error 

  1. Restart your device and start it with the administrative rights. 
  2. Then you have to check the virus definition date. 
  3. To do so, users have to double-click on the “Norton security” icon which will be available on your desktop or taskbar.   
  4. After that, you have to go to the “main window” of the antivirus program and then you are required to click on “security”. 
  5. Now you have to go to the “security status indicator” and then go to “definitions” and check for the date. 
  6. After that, if the date which is shown is less than one day then wait for 24 hours and then run the Live Update again and if the date is after more than a day you will need to update the virus definition using the intelligence update. 
  7. If you want to update the Virus definition then you have to go to the intelligent updater download page which is available on the official website. 
  8. If you have windows 8/7/8.1/Vista/XP 32-BIT then click on the first file in the list which is under “Filename”. The file name will start from the year and will end with “v5i32.exe”. 
  9. If you have 64 bit then you have to go to 64-bit platform section and click on the first file under “filename” and the file name will end with “v5i64.exe”. 
  10. Now save the file on the desktop and then double-click on the file you have saved. Now try to run the update again. 

To get the best support for technical errors contact Norton support  

If you are still facing this error and you are not able to solve the error then contact the experts via Norton support by filling the contact form anytime as they are available 24X7.