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Norton For Windows 7

Windows 7 is Microsoft’s operating system software. In October 2009 they were released as a upgrade to Windows Vista (instead of a real new version). After more than 100 million copies sold in six months, Windows 7 quickly became Microsoft’s fastest-running operating system software. 

It even became the highest grossing pre-order in the history of, surpassing even “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows,” according to The Guardian. Like all operating system software, Windows 7 has its own security features. However, no security system is perfect. The good news is that Norton Security works in a concert with Windows 7, which provides the highest security for members in both software systems. 

Microsoft Security Essentials and Windows Defender are two other features of Windows 7 which are not listed above and there are good reasons. These two programs protect computers from viruses, trojans, spyware and adware, worms and other malware threats. Actually, Windows Defender protects only against known spyware, while the Microsoft Security Essentials is designed to disable Windows Defender and protect PCs in real-time fashion with anti-virus, Trojan horse, rootkit and spyware. In some cases, Windows Defender is disabled (or not uninstalled in case of Windows XP) and then two conflicts that affect the PC system’s performance. 

Here are some of the features that are designed to work in conjunction with Windows 7: 

  1. Malware protection – Norton Security can protect computers against all forms of malware, including, viruses, worms, rootkits, spyware, adware, and bots. 
  2. Protection in multiple applications – Not only does Norton Security protect against malware that come via e-mails, but also it against harmful attachments and links while using instant messaging programs – provides instant messaging security. 
  3. Reputation protection – Symantec designs its programs to make sure to have the most up-to-date security protections against malware. However, cyber criminals are always coming up with new threats. Norton Security assures incoming data that they came from a trusted source. 
  4. Hidden protection – One of the more annoying parts of running antivirus software is how it interferes with online entertainment, such as gaming and watching movies. However, Norton Security uses the smart technology to ensure that chats, updates and scans do not run on a computer running on its superior performance.  
  5. Bootable Recovery Tool – With Windows 7, a person can restore their computer to a point where they knew there were no issues. However, what happens if malware attacks are so bad, they completely shut down the computer and will not reboot. There is a Norton Bootable Recovery Tool available. Customers can create this tool on any type of disc or portable drive, and then they can also use it to recover the computer, even they will not get started. 

How to install Norton antivirus on Windows 7

  1. Remove pre-installed antivirus. Ensure that no such software is installed. 
  2. Download the authentic and latest version of Norton Antivirus from the official site. Purchase the CD/DVD for the same. Put CD into drive. 
  3. Enter the product key. Check your email. You may get it via email and for CD; in packet. 
  4. After entering the product key, keep going with the default setting just by selecting ‘Next’ option. 
  5. Select ‘Yes’ for license and agreement. 
  6. In order to activate Norton antivirus, go to the Norton setting. 
  7. In case if your subscription plan expires, you can renew it by selecting ‘Renew Now’. 
  8. Go through the given instructions. Stick to default setting. Keep moving with the selection of OK and ‘Next’ options. Select ‘Done’ to complete installation.