Norton Support For Windows Xp

Norton Support For Windows Xp

Norton Support For Windows Xp



How to Run Norton Utilities in Windows XP

The Norton utility application suite, designed by Symantec, corrects the damaged documents, removes unnecessary files and cleanses the Windows XP registry. Norton Utilities introduces your computer’s initial time speed and freezes hard drive space, so it makes a slow, old computer-friendly tool that needs performance enhancement. Symantec provides Norton Utility as a CD or as a digital download. To run Norton Utility, install the program on your computer and enter your activation details. 

  1. Insert the Norton Utilities CD into your computer’s CD-ROM drive.If you have a digital copy, double-click on the Norton Utility installation file. Click “Install Norton Utility”. 
  2. Click “Next” and view the License Agreement. Click “I accept the agreement” and select “Next.” 
  3. Change the installation folder, if desired, by clicking “Browse” and choosing the directory. Click “Next.” 
  4. Click “Automatically scan registry when Windows starts” if you want Norton Utilities to scan your computer immediately when the computer boots up. Click “Install.” 
  5. Click “Finish” when Norton Utilities installation completes. The Smart Update window will open. 
  6. Click “Update” if the tool finds any updates for Norton Utilities. Click “Finish.” An activation prompt appears. 
  7. Type your name, activation code and email address. If you purchased Norton Utilities on CD, find your activation code behind the included Quick Start Card. If you have purchased a digital copy of Norton Utilities, check your email for activation. Click “Activate Now”. 
  8. Click the Windows “Start” button, select “Programs” and choose “Norton Utilities” to launch the program. 

Norton ongoing protection for Windows XP after Microsoft ends support 

Microsoft officially announced the end of support for Windows XP on April 8, 2014. Your Norton products will continue Windows XP for the future. However, be careful that in addition to promoting the most up to date security products, another important aspect of protecting your computer is to keep it running with the latest service pack for the operating system. As announced by Microsoft, they will no longer publish patches for Windows XP. Computers that use this operating system can become targets of cyber criminals, especially if there is a new vulnerability. Depending on the type of threatened threats, the Windows XP virus and the risks are more dangerous that can be dangerous for the virus’s resistance. As such, if you currently use Windows XP, they strongly recommend that you upgrade your computer to a supported operating system as soon as possible.