OKI Printer Error 134

OKI Printer Error 134

OKI Printer Error 134


Do you have OKI and MC562, MC362 or C331DN that gives you a big OKI Printer Error 134? Here’s how you can fix this error when support calls guide you through all the basic fixes and claim it’s a problem with the main board. If it’s not under warranty, here’s what you do. Necessary tools. Phillips Head, Flat Head, Soldering Iron, Solder.

OKI Printer Error 134

How to Fix OKI Printer Error 134 ?

Step 1: Remove the right side panel.

It usually has only 2-3 screws that hold the panel. In addition, there will be some clips that you can use with a flat head to unleash you.

Step 2: Remove the large metal plate covering the circuit board.

The table you are looking for is the table clip or what you would call the main table. This is the big one with the network card, SD card and RAM slot.

OKI Printer Error 134

Step 3: Loosen the board and remove it.

You can leave most of the wires connected to access the back of the board. There will be 3 maybe 4 screws now the board. If you look at the table before unscrewing it, the location we are looking for is at the bottom right below the board. Fortunately, the painting is marked on the back.

Step 4: Find F501 on the backside of the board.

Place a small strip of solder across F501 terminals.

Step 5: Put It all back together and start the printer up.
Put it all together. The entire process takes only about 20 minutes, from the beginning to the end of the process. If all goes well, the error will disappear and the printer will work fine. This applies when your printer is out of warranty and what you may think is the only other option is to add it to the spam stack. Try it. It works. Now your OKI Printer Error 134 is solved.