OKI Printer Error Code 490

OKI Printer Error Code 490

OKI Printer Error Code 490


When you load a different paper size or type in the multi purpose tray, the error code 490 appears on the screen. You must resolve OKI printer error code 490 to perform hassle-free printing. A number of errors may appear when you abuse your printer. If the paper is not loaded correctly into the printer, your OKI printer will indicate “No paper in the MP tray”. There are many other causes that amplify this empty paper store error. OKI Printer error  490 results from improper configuration of the printer settings. When the size and type of paper in the MP tray do not match the printer’s paper settings, such an error is displayed. Sometimes there may be no paper in the cassette or the cassette is not properly installed.

OKI Printer Error Code 490

Solutions to Fix OKI Printer Error Code 490:

Whenever the 490 error of the OKI printer appears, you have nothing to worry about. You can easily make this error disappear without any problem. The best way to resolve this error is to read the blog or log in to the OKI Printer Repair Service.

Solution 1: Change the Printer Specification

  • First of all, you need to cancel the printing by clicking on the Cancel button on the screen.
  • Now confirm the size and type of the printer on the paper tray.
  • Check the Tray and the Paper size in the printer driver or application and then print.

Solution 2: Check whether the MP Tray is empty or not

Sometimes, if there is no paper in the MP tray, then you can not place a print command. Make sure the MP tray is properly loaded before printing.

Solution 3: Make sure that the Paper End Sensor is properly working.

If the end-of-paper sensor is not working properly, it can not detect the paper in the paper tray. And this 490 OKI Printer error code appears. Check and replace the end-of-paper sensor to eliminate this error.

If you encounter the same 490 error code with the OKI printer when printing, the OKI Technical Support team is there to help you. OKI printer support looks like every possible solution for you to get complete help. They are ready to help you 24 * 7 for any complex problem with the OKI printer.