Outlook error code 1025 invalid mailbox name


Outlook is the most reliable email client and is widely used by businesses. There are many ways to organize your mail tracking in Outlook. However, even if it is the most used client, it can have problems. One of these problems is the Outlook 1025 error code.

This is the “Invalid mailbox name” error. This occurs on Macs that run Outlook. This error is generated when users update Mac Outlook 2011 or work on an IMAP account. This usually happens when your mail configuration is incorrect or has changed in the settings. When reconfiguring your email account, all folders whose settings do not respond. Users have let us know that after changing the visibility of IMAP folders, this error was obvious. The same settings also apply to Apple Mail and other Outlook variants. This is a common problem that has hit Outlook 2011 for a long time.

Outlook error code 1025 invalid mailbox name

Reasons For Error Code 1025

  1. Outlook is slow. Therefore, it takes time to open and synchronize the mail.
  2. Your Outlook crashes unexpectedly and frequently, which greatly affects the mailbox.
  3. Outlook must have had a virus and malware attack.
  4. The email from your computer does not appear on your computer due to opening the Outlook account on multiple devices.
  5. Your PST is corrupted and if you find errors in your Outlook, this can cause inaccessibility of all data.

Effective Steps to Fix the Mac Error Code 1025

The Apple device tends to manifest the Outlook problem for a variety of reasons. One of them is due to the conflict when updating the Outlook Mac application. However, you can solve it in three simple and practical steps, described below.

Step 1: Access the Mac Outlook Account

First, you must visit your Mac Outlook account, after which you must select the Tools menu. Then click the icon that triggers the display of account details. Then select the IMAP account you wish to eliminate.

Finally, press the “-” button or the minus button to delete the account with ease. If you find the steps exciting and exciting, contact experts at a reputable Apple customer support agency.

Step 2: Re-create the Account

Now you have to be careful in creating a new account. First, launch and enter your Mac Outlook account. Note, however, that if you already have an account, this step is not necessary at all. Just click on the “+” sign to add the e-mail account.

Step 3: Type-in all the Credentials

After the previous step, you must enter the credentials of the account you own. After that, click the button that says to add an account. Click on the ‘Other Options’ icon, after which you must select the option to use incoming server data from the authentication box. Continue the verification procedure, then press the OK button. Now that you know how to fix the 1025 Outlook Mac error, you can easily continue with previous transparent functions and with the previous smooth workflow. The steps above are a comprehensive guide to assisting the system and troubleshooting error code 1025.