Outlook error code 17099

Outlook error code 17099

Outlook error code 17099


Outlook is a messaging service provider that provides users with a simple interface to communicate with their families, friends and for official purposes. The Outlook error code 17099 often appears in Outlook mail and prevents sending and receiving emails. The error claims that there were external links and spam content in the email, which prevented the email from sending or receiving an email.

This occurs when the SMTP server returns a permanent or temporary error or an unexpected error code. This also occurs when users attempt to send bulk e-mails to large groups while the IP address has limited the number of recipients. In addition, users get the Microsoft Outlook 18597 error without any prior information. If users want to solve this problem easily and without problems, they should visit our website and surf our blogs.

Outlook error code 17099

Causes of the error code 17099 in outlook

  • SMTP server has returned the unexpected error code.
  • If users have sent the email to more than 50 recipients then this error occurs.
  • Partial installation of the outlook program.
  • Window files related to the outlook are corrupted.
  • Some other program is running simultaneously which is hampering the work of the Outlook.

Follow the steps to fix the error:

Step 1: If the error is due to the SMTP server, users must rebuild the identity database by using the Microsoft Database Utility.

Step 2: To do this, make sure no other application is running.

Step 3: Navigate to the application folder, locate the Microsoft Database Utility in Microsoft Office 2019, and then click it.

Step 4: After clicking on it, the process will begin rebuilding the identity database.

Step 5: When the message “Your database has been successfully rebuilt” appears, click “Done”.

Step 6: If the error is due to the large email recipient, users must increase the recipient’s limit by accessing the settings.Therefore, these are some of the steps that would help you in the process to solve Microsoft Outlook Error Code 17099. All the steps are reliable and they would guide you through the complete process very smoothly.