Printronix p7005 Printer Driver

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Printronix p7005 Printer Driver

Printronix p7005 Printer Driver

The Printronix p7005 Printer Driver helps streamline your production cycles and ensure long-term performance with fast and accurate printing of labels and documents. The P7005 offers unparalleled reliability. When your application can not be interrupted, use the P7005 for maximum productivity. For cost control, this technology provides the necessary benefit, allowing you to get the lowest cost of output per page.

Printronix p7005 Printer

It handles specialized forms that work for your application - forms that can only be printed on a line matrix printer - information reports, multi-part transaction documents and barcode labels.

Steps to install Printronix p7005 Printer Driver

  1. Make sure that the printer is turned on and in ONLINE mode and that the desired input / output cables from the host are connected.
  2. Install the Windows 2000 / XP / Server 2003 / Windows Server 2008 / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 driver on the Starter Kit CD before proceeding. You can also find the drivers on the website p7005 Printer Driver
  3. Once the Windows driver is installed on the PC, right-click on the printer. driver and select Properties
  4. Click the About tab / Help to access the software download option.
  5. Click the m Firmware Update, Firmware Update button.
  6. Enter the full path and location of the printer software. For example, c: \ download \ FILENAME.prg where c: \ download is the directory where FILENAME.prg resides.
  7. Click OK to send the software to the printer. To abort this operation, click Cancel.
  8. When the new software is loaded into the flash memory and the printer is reset, the procedure is complete.

Features of Printronix p7005 Printer

  • Integrated print management - total visibility and quality control of image and consumables
  • P7005 Ultra Capacity Ribbon - 300% longer life with darker, crisper print
  • Low cost of operation - typically 10 times less than the laser matrix or series
  • Flexibility of shapes: straight paper path and high pulling power
  • Rugged design withstands harsh and difficult environments
  • 100% duty cycle - designed for relentless printing
  • Quiet operation - models range from 50 to 53 dBA, which is less than a desktop laser
  • Full support for high quality, reliable barcodes in the following symbologies: Code 39, EAN 8/13, UPC A / E, Postnet, Royal Mail, Interleaved 2 of 5 and PDF417
  • Manages specialized forms - Stocks with multiple, high or multiple parts
  • Unattended high-speed printing: accordion forms and automatic stacking
  • Robust - For harsh environments
  • Wide Page Printing - Forms up to 17 "wide
  • Desktop or in-store use - Silent, low decibel printing