Quick Heal Antivirus Pro

Quick Heal Antivirus Pro

Quick Heal Antivirus Pro


Quick Heal Antivirus Pro works with Windows 2000 and later offers protection against viruses and spyware. It uses a technology called DNAScan that helps protect your computer against new and unknown viruses. In addition, it monitors your e-mails, instant messages, program files and data on USB hard drives and has a built-in firewall to protect your network. Quick Heal is available in electronic and physical CD download versions that you can purchase from its website.

Quick Heal Antivirus Pro

How to Download Quick Heal Antivirus Pro ?

Step 1

Insert the Quick Heal Antivirus CD. Click “Start” and “Computer” if the CD does not automatically load the installation wizard. Double-click your CD drive and double-click “Autorun.exe” to manually launch the installation wizard. If you purchased the electronic version instead of the CD, double-click the downloaded installation file to begin.

Step 2

Click “Install Quick Heal Antivirus Pro” in the wizard to start the installation of the program and run a preinstall antivirus scan. If the preinstallation scan detects viruses, it configures its boot analyzer to clean your computer at the next reboot. Restart the installation wizard after restarting your computer to continue the installation if the startup scanner is to be run.

Step 3

Check the boxes next to “Submit suspicious files” and “Submit statistics” if you wish, then check the box next to “I agree” to accept the terms of the license agreement. Accept the default location to store your program files or click “Browse” to manually select a new installation folder. Click “Next” to install the program. Click “Save Now” to activate your software at the end of the installation or select “Save Later” to activate it later. Enter your product key and click “Next” on the registration screen. Click “Next” through each step of the wizard and enter the requested personal information. Click “Finish” when activation is complete.

Features of Quick Heal Antivirus Pro

  • USB Drive Protection. Best antivirus automatically scans external storage devices. Protects USB drives from autorun infections.
  • Email Security: Cloud-based email security prevents phishing and infected emails from reaching your Inbox.
  • Safe Mode Protection: This facility stops unauthorized users from changing Quick Heal security settings when the system is running on Safe Mode.
  • Enhanced Self-Protection: The Self-protection feature now protects Quick Heal’s running processes and services.
  • Silent Mode: Suppresses prompts across all Quick Heal antivirus modules thereby reducing system load and allowing uninterrupted PC usage.
  • Stay Connected: Users now have direct access to our Facebook and Twitter pages with just a click.
  • TrackMyLaptop: Lost or stolen laptops can be a huge liability to your privacy. Quick Heal TrackMyLaptop Service helps track the whereabouts of your lost or stolen laptop. The service is a social initiative that comes with every desktop product of Quick Heal at no extra cost.