Quickbooks Error C 47

Quickbooks Error C 47

Quickbooks Error C 47


Sometimes, when running a report or attempting to open a file, an error is displayed. This error indicates something like this: “Can not find the transaction”. This also occurs when we try to remove the transaction from a report or report-like functionality.

Quickbooks Error C 47

This known QuickBooks error is the C = 47 error. It can be downright frustrating to deal with this error when you run out of equipment. This is a problem related to your database.

What are the reasons of QuickBooks C 47 error ?

Some of the factors that can cause QuickBooks error code c 47 are listed below –

  • Internet Explorer settings for secure websites are not correct. Before attempting to resolve this error, check if the Internet Explorer SSL settings are correct or not.
  • Editing entries may also cause a QuickBooks error c = 47.
  • Corrupted or corrupted QuickBooks data file.
  • The transaction log file, that is, files with the .TLG extension, is present in the corrupted file folder.
  • The old backup of the QB data file is present.

How to fix QuickBooks C = 47 error ?

Solution 1

QuickBooks Error C = 47 can be easily corrected by using the solutions mentioned below

  1. Download the screenshot below to find the problem. You can fix the error by loading 3 Lxcrtime DLL Error.
  2. Click on the “Repair” option after browsing the product.
  3. When you click “Repair”, the other dialog box appears.
  4. Click on “Select All” to correct the various errors present in your software, as well as the C = 47 code.

Solution 2

  1. After uninstalling the driver> reboot your system> configure the driver> let the process finish
  2. Select Start> Sort Device Manager> Search for the primary search result.
  3. Now choose the gadget to use the driver
  4. Select Update Driver Software.
  5. Select Browse the system for the driver software in the new window
  6. Choose the gadget for your system
  7. Identify the driver that ends with “Legacy”
  8. Now click on “Next”.

Solution 3: Find the viruses

  1. You will know that you are facing the error message ‘error while loading \ 3 \ LXCRtime.dll’
  2. As a user, you must check your computer system for viral infections.
  3. The antivirus will scan your system and display the ‘Set All’ option at the end. Just click on it and the problem C = 47 will disappear, hopefully.

Solution 4: Update your QB application 

  1. You must check for updates to your software and update it immediately.
  2. Immediately after, you must rearrange the lists.
  3. Click the Lists option and choose Chart of Accounts.
  4. Now select the View menu and as soon as you see Sort Lists again, click on it.
  5. The list of selected items will appear on your screen.
  6. After making changes and checking the list of items, you must do the same for the list of customers.
  7. In the Customer Center, click the Customer and Jobs option.
  8. Find the View menu, click on it and select Station List.
  9. When sorting is complete, close QB and restart your computer.
  10. Once started, open QB and check it correctly if the QuickBooks error code c = 47 persists.