Quickbooks Error OLSU-1011

quickbooks error olsu-1011

Quickbooks Error OLSU-1011


Many users have encountered an OLSU 1011 QuickBooks error, especially if they want to associate a bank account with the QuickBooks software. This error appears for several possible reasons. The first thing to do is that the Directory of Financial Institutions may not be updated. Well, this is a common problem in financial institutions. In such cases, you do not have much to do except try to link a bank account after a while. Possible damage to the company’s data file is also a possible cause of the OLSU 1011 error. Damage to Windows files or data corruption is also a possible cause.

Causes of Bank Feeds setup error OLSU-1011

Discover the OLSU-1011 configuration error of Causes of the bank feeds that leads to the occurrence of this error:

  • The Directory of Financial Institutions (FIDIR) has not been updated to incorporate data from your financial organization.
  • There is conceivable prejudice in your organization’s information document.
  • You are in register or classic mode rather than side by side or express mode.

How to fix Bank Feeds setup error OLSU-1011

Solution 1: Specify the default accounts for your personal and company preferences

  1. as an administrator, log in to the company file and switch to single-user mode.
  2. Go to Preferences on the Edit menu and select Verification.
  3. Click the My Preferences tab and for the four options, select the default accounts.
  4. You must click the Company Preferences tab and choose the default accounts for both options: Create a paycheque and pay payroll.
  5. Click OK.
  6. For online banking, try reconfiguring the account.

Solution 2: Switch to express mode (applies to U.S. only)

for Bank Feeds helps to avoid the error message Switch to Express mode before activating your account. you can go back once the configuration of the bank is powered up. If you prefer the registry or classic mode, do the following:

  1. Go to Company Preferences on the Edit menu and select Verification.
  2. You must click the Company Preferences tab.
  3. click on the Express Mode radio button, section Under the Flow Bank,
  4. Click OK

Solution 3: Check if this is happening in more than one company file

  1. On the File menu, click Utilities and press Check Data.
  2. When you see the message, QuickBooks has not recognized any problem with your information Click OK. You can continue to use your organization’s document.
  3. you will be prompted to rebuild now or display errors, if the check finds a problem with your information,
  4. Please click Close and play the accompaniment:
  5. If you are open to exploring the QBWin.log document or the QuickBooks.log document Continue with the advances provided.