Quickbooks Error OLSU 1013

Quickbooks Error OLSU 1013

Quickbooks Error OLSU 1013



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The Quickbooks Error OLSU 1013 is a common error in QuickBooks. This error occurs when you try to integrate or link your bank account to this software. The error can also occur when performing online transactions or downloading the details of the transaction on the software interface. The troubleshooting of errors depends on the version of QuickBooks used. For the 2012 version, the troubleshooting will be different from that of the 2011 version.

Quickbooks Error OLSU 1013

With QuickBooks, you can get customer service at your fingertips. As with any product, after-sales service is an important element. Similarly, for QuickBooks, we believe that instant support is essential for the convenience of our customers. We do our best so that our users can contact us whenever they encounter technical problems with QuickBooks.

What are the causes of OLSU-1013 error in QuickBooks?

  1. A problem with your banking website may cause QuickBooks OLSU error 1013.
  2. Your bank has changed its connection to QuickBooks via WebConnect.
  3. Your bank may have changed the name of its merger.
  4. Your bank account has been disabled.
  5. The server is currently down.
  6. You are not getting an adequate Internet connection.
  7. The file you are trying to import into QuickBooks is not compatible.
  8. The version of QuickBooks you are using is out of date.

Solution to solve Error OLSU-1013

Solution 1- QuickBooks must be updated to the latest version

  1. Find the update on the Web page that contains the latest version of QuickBooks.
  2. Select the right QuickBooks product.
  3. Then follow all the instructions that tell you how to update.
  4. You will have to drop the update file and then run it.
  5. Click on the update button
  6. Then, you must configure the automatic update system so that the updates are automatically installed each time you publish.

Solution 2- The Directory of Financial Institutions needs to be updated

  1. Go to filist via the C: ProgramData Intuit QuickBooks path 20XX Components OLB branding filist
  2. Now rename fidir.txt to fidir.old
  3. Now right-click Quickbooks and select Save Link As
  4. Now save the file to the desktop§ Now copy the fidir.txt file you downloaded and paste it into the filist folder.
  5. To do this, you will have to right-click on the fidir.txt file, copy it, and then press the Windows key with the E key. This will open the computer. In the filist folder, paste the file.
  6. Now you must set up the account by opening the QuickBooks desktop.

Solution 3- QuickBooks Repair

  1. Press the Windows and E keys at the same time, or the Computer tab if you are using Windows 8.
  2. Now go to the unstill program option.
  3. Right-click QuickBooks and select Uninstall.
  4. Now, in the installation window, click Next, then select the Repair option.
  5. Now, click Finish.In case the repair does not work, you will need to completely remove QuickBooks and reinstall it.

Solution 4 – Changing preferences in the fidir.txt file

  1. Locate the file fidir.txt through the path C: ProgramData Intuit QuickBooks 20XX Components OLB branding filist.
  2. Now go to the properties of the file
  3. Now check the Read Only option.