Quickbooks Error OLSU-1024


Quickbooks Error OLSU-1024


Note : If you have a Error Olsu-1024 it may be result of a Pegasus Malware Virus in your device Kindly

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To create or link a bank account in QuickBooks Desktop, you must have access to the FIDir.txt file that stores information about your financial institution. The OLSU 1024 QuickBooks update error appears because of an obsolete or missing FiDir.txt file and displays an error message “An error occurred while updating the customization files! Please restart the Online Banking Installation Wizard to restart the update process. ” Sometimes, some other reasons, such as the deprecated or corrupt QuickBooks Desktop application, also trigger the OLSU 1024 QuickBooks banking flow configuration error. You will find the solution to all the causes later in the article.

Quickbooks Error OLSU-1024

Causes of QuickBooks error olsu-1024

QuickBooks olsu-1024 or QuickBooks olsu-1022 errors usually occur when a QuickBooks user tries to create bank accounts in the Desktop version of the accounting tool. The error prompts users to restart the wizard for online banking setup to restart the update process. Firstly, you will come across the QuickBooks olsu-1024 or QuickBooks olsu-1022 error, usually followed by QuickBooks olsu-1024 or QuickBooks olsu-1022 error.

Here are the 3 main possible reasons behind the Quickbooks error codes 1024 and 1022.

  • Your banking info may not be updated in your bank
  • The directory may not present in its original location
  • There may be some issue from the side of your financial institution as well.

How to Fix Quickbooks Error OLSU-1024

Solution 1- QuickBooks need to be updated to the latest version

  1. Find the update on the web page containing the latest version of QuickBooks.
  2. Select the right QuickBooks product.
  3. Follow all instructions that tell you how to update.
  4. You will need to save the update file and then run it.
  5. Click on the update button
  6. You must then configure the automatic update system so that updates are automatically installed each time you publish.

Solution 2- The Financial Institution Directory needs to be updated

  1. Go to filist by the C: \ ProgramData \ Intuit \ QuickBooks path 20XX \ Components \ OLB \ branding \ filist
  2. Now rename fidir.txt to fidir.old
  3. Now right-click Quickbooks and select Save Link As.
  4. Now save the file on the desktop
  5. Copy now the fidir.txt file you downloaded and paste it into the filist folder.
  6. To do this, you will need to right-click the file fidir.txt, copy it, and then press the Windows key with the E key. This will open the computer. In the filist folder, paste the file.
  7. You must now configure the account by opening the QuickBooks desktop.

Solution 3- Repairing of QuickBooks

  1. Press the Windows and E keys simultaneously or the Computer tab if you are using Windows 8.
  2. Now select the unstill program option.
  3. Click right on QuickBooks and select Uninstall
  4. Now in the installation window, click Next, then select the Repair option.
  5. Now, click Finish.
  6. If the repair does not work, you must completely remove QuickBooks, then reinstall it.

Solution 4- editing preferences in the fidir.txt

  1. .Recover the file fidir.txt via path C: \ ProgramData \ Intuit \ QuickBooks 20XX \ Components \ OLB \ branding \ filist
  2. Now go to the properties of the file
  3. Now, check the Read Only option.