Quickbooks Error ps036

Quickbooks Error ps036

Quickbooks Error ps036



QuickBooks Payroll users are faced with many problems due to the Quickbooks Error ps036 that affect their work directly and indirectly. This pay error can occur for a variety of reasons that may prevent the software from working if not processed effectively. Usually, this payroll error (like other errors) gives an error message asking users to check the payroll subscription.

Why Does The Quickbooks Error ps036 Occurs?

  1. The PS036 error occurs when your payroll subscription has expired.
  2. When you apply for the payroll service, you have opted for several active pay agreements and the direct deposits in the agreement are inactive.
  3. One of the main causes of the error is a damage in the company file or if the company file is corrupted.
  4. The Paysub.ini file located in the QuickBooks installation folder is corrupted or corrupted.
  5. In case your QuickBooks Desktop application and your payroll are not updated to the latest published version.
  6. You are using incorrect login credentials to log in to your payroll account.
  7. If you entered an incorrect Employer Identification Number, QuickBooks may generate QuickBooks error PS036.
  8. Your Windows operating system is out of date and is not installed with the latest updates released.
  9. Another reason that triggers the PS036 error in QuickBooks is an incorrect PSID in the company file.

Steps to Resolve QuickBooks Error PS036 

QuickBooks Error code PS036 can be resolved by the below-given troubleshooting steps,

Step 1: Find the QuickBooks Payroll Subscription:

  1. Download and install the latest version of the QuickBooks Desktop application and the Tax Table version.
  2. Open QuickBooks and log in to your payroll account.
  3. Go to Employee, My Payroll Services, and Account or Billing Information.
  4. Enter your login credentials and choose Login.
  5. Then restart your PC and download the updates again.
  6. Now open the QuickBooks application and check if your problem is resolved.

Step 2: Rename the Paysub.ini file

  1. ini is a hidden file under Windows. To see this file at the beginning, we need to change the settings of the Windows folder options.
  2. Select My Computer and click Organize.
  3. Click Folder and Search and select the View tab.
  4. Now, click on Hidden Files and Folders and select Show Hidden Files, Folders and Drivers.
  5. Select Apply and click OK.
  6. Go back to My Computer and in the search bar at the top, find the Countryub.
  7. When you see the Paysub.ini file, right-click on it and select Rename.
  8. Now rename the file extension to .old from .ini.
  9. Repeat the same steps for all found Paysub files.