QuickBooks Error PS101

QuickBooks Error PS101

QuickBooks Error PS101


If the QuickBooks Error PS101 arrives on your QuickBooks, it means that the update of the payroll has not succeeded. This message will be displayed on the screen “The payroll update was unsuccessful. Try Again. You must successfully download the update in the time specified in the QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Information window.

It is advisable to try to update your QuickBooks as quickly as possible if you want to use your QuickBooks payroll and features. QuickBooks Payroll is used to manage all financial data and accounting information such as employee wages, monetary incentives, etc. If the PS101 payroll error is not corrected quickly, you will not be able to pay your employees, which could cause damage to your organization.

Causes Of QuickBooks Error PS101

The main causes for which the PS101 error code in the QuickBooks payroll are:

  • Unstable Internet connection due to which the payroll update could not be downloaded and installed.
  • Firewall settings or antivirus software blocking the network
  • Incorrect Internet settings
  • The third-party software was not installed correctly
  • The system has several QuickBooks software.

Solutions to solve QuickBooks Payroll Error PS101

There are many ways to troubleshoot the matter of this payroll error. Most of these solutions are as follows:

1. Web Connectivity: Users should be sure to download the QuickBooks software through smart web connections. ensure that all content is correctly downloaded.

2. Reboot.bat file: Users first want to confirm that they are running the revive.bat file. For this, they must follow the instructions below:

  • Users were able to close the QuickBooks desktop.
  • Next, they must open the folder containing the revive.bat file, and then right-click the QuickBooks Desktop icon.
  • Users must then choose Properties, and they must choose the location of the open file.
  • Users must right-click the revive.bat files and choose Run as administrator.

3. Antivirus configuration: Users must modify the settings defined in the Windows firewall (or antivirus) settings. If the problem persists, it is best to uninstall the QuickBooks software and then install it again. it is best to delete all unnecessary files so that, throughout the change, QuickBooks measures the correct path of the QuickBooks software.