Quickbooks Error qbwc1039

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Quickbooks Error qbwc1039

Quickbooks Error qbwc1039


The Quickbooks Error qbwc1039 is primarily caused by the removal of the company file or the incorrect removal of the third-party application or Warehouse Manager from the QuickBooks WebConnector connector.

Quickbooks Error qbwc1039

If you move the company file, returning it to the original location will usually correct the error. If the third-party application or Warehouse Manager has been removed, you can reinstall the .qwc file on WebConnector.

How to Fix QuickBooks Error qbwc1039

Solution 1:

  1. You must right-click on the .QWC file and click Open With.
  2. In the Open With window, expand Other Programs.
  3. Select Notepad and open the QWC file in Notepad, click OK.
  4. To adapt the text to the window, select Format> Wrap.
  5. In the OwnerID string, change one (1) character and one (1) character in the FileID string.
  6. Select File and click Save.
  7. You must now reload the edited QWC file into QuickBooks Web Connector.

 Solution 2:

  1. Download the QBWC CP3Tool tool by clicking on the attachment directly from the Intuit Support site.
  2. To install the tool, double-click the exe file.
  3. Select Launch QBWC tool CP3Tool, Once the installation is complete and Minimize tool.
  4. Download the .qwc file for your application, if you have not already done so.
  5. In Rapid Inventory, you will find the QB (.qwc) file to download by clicking the Settings icon.
  6. Click Maintenance
  7. Go to “QB Web Connector File” and select the “Download File” button.
  8. Open QuickBooks in the company file with which you have problems. Make sure you are logged in with a user name with administrator rights.
  9. Make a backup copy of this company file and by clicking on it in the taskbar, display the QBWC CP3Tool on the screen.
  10. Click Select File (in this tool) and in Rapid Inventor, locate the .qwc file you downloaded.
  11. Click Delete Buffer (in this tool).
  12. When the application certificate appears, you must choose the third choice, Yes, reliably. lets get, whether QuickBooks works or not.
  13. Log in as: (This login is established in QB and must have “full access.” You must create a user with full access only for Web Connector.) Select the client that you have created only for Web Connector or select “Administrator” and then click Continue.
  14. In the Application Access Request window, click Yes.
  15. Click Done in the input confirmation message.
  16. As you already did in step 7, click OK in the message asking for reinforcement.
  17. The CP3Tool QBWC tool will display a confirmation message if the owner ID has been effectively ejected.
  18. The following error may appear: “Can not start QuickBooks”. The CP3 device then reestablishes the corresponding message: “The registration ID does not appear in the organization document.
  19. If your organization’s QB document is open when you see this error, it is possible that a Windows-related problem is preventing the instrument from functioning legitimately. If you are using Windows Vista or Windows 7, you must disable UAC.
  20. Close the Q3WP QBWC tool and install the .qwc file on the Web Connector: 21. Open the Web Connector and click Add Application.
  21. In Rapid Inventory, browse to the downloaded .qwc file and open it.
  22. You must enter your Web Connector password in the password field, press the Tab key, and then click Yes in the message to save the password.
  23. Under Settings, This password is in Warehouse Management.
  24. Click Maintenance next to the “New password” button.
  25. It is not necessary to generate a new password. You simply need to copy and paste the password into Web Connector