Remote Desktop Error Code 0x204


The remote desktop is a very useful option and can be used to control the Windows computer from another computer. It is a very convenient and efficient option that allows you to connect to your PC and have easy access to all your applications, files and network resources. However, to connect to a PC, you must meet several conditions, such as the system must be turned on, the remote workstation must be enabled, it also has the network connection, it must have network access to the remote computer and also have permission to connect to another device.

But it also happens that things do not always go well when Remote Desktop is used. Users are found reporting error code 0x204 from the Microsoft Remote workstation that appears on the screen. Well, it’s a very annoying problem, but fortunately there are many simple-to-use solutions that help you fix the 0x204 remote desktop in Windows 10. Below are some simple solutions to fix Office Error 0x204 remote.

Remote Desktop Error Code 0x204

How to Fix Remote Desktop Error Code 0x204 on Windows 10 ?

Solution 1: Check Remote Desktop Protocol

Sometimes a minor error starts to cause errors and becomes a big hurdle, so it is recommended to first check if the remote desktop protocol is enabled or not. Follow the steps to do it:

1. Press the Windows key + R> and in the Run dialog> type SystemPropertiesRemote.exe> ​​OK.

2.Now in System Properties> go to Remote tab >>> Allow remote connections to this computer – Allow remote connections only from computers running Remote Desktop with network-level authentication (recommended).

Solution 2: Arrange your Security Settings

The Remote Desktop 0x204 error also occurs because remote desktop connections are not allowed through the Windows Firewall or other security programs that you use. So check your security settings. Follow the steps to do it:

1. In the Start menu> Locate Control Panel> press Enter.

2. Go to System and Security> and Windows Defender Firewall

3. Through the Windows Firewall link> click Allow an application through the Windows Firewall.

4. And locate Remote Desktop> check it. Hope this works for you to resolve the error code 0x204 in Windows 10.

Solution 3: Check for the Recently Installed Hardware/Drivers

Sometimes the hardware and drivers recently installed on the computer also cause the 0x204 remote desktop connection error. So, if it’s a case, try the solutions below:

  1. Run the hardware diagnostics provided by the system manufacturer to verify the failed component.
  2. Remove the newly installed driver. Apart from that, check the outdated system drivers and try to update them as well. To update the outdated system drivers, go to the manufacturer’s website and check for the latest updates. Otherwise, go to the official Microsoft website.

Solution 4: Reset Remote Desktop Connection for your Account

Try to reset the remote desktop connection that was causing a problem. This helped many users to fix the error 0x204 of the remote PC.

Follow the steps to do it:

  1. Press the Windows key + S> type Remote Desktop> press Enter.
  2. Then open the application in question> and switch to the remote desktop connection you want to delete.
  3. And click on an icon (three points aligned horizontally)
  4. Select the option Delete> close the Remote Desktop application. Then open the application and configure the connection you previously deleted.