Samsung Mobile Hanging Problem Solution

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Samsung Mobile Hanging Problem Solution

Samsung Mobile Hanging Problem Solution

There are millions of Android users around the world and more and more, but do you know that every second Android user is faced with the problem of suspending or blocking their Android smartphone, even those which are available at high prices. One of the common problems we face with smart phones nowadays is "suspension". Almost all smartphones, whether Samsung, Micromax or others, after prolonged use, either of the phones, starts to freeze / hang too often. The usual reason for blocking the smartphone is when you use too much RAM. Whenever the mobile phone freezes, we can not immediately find the exact reason, because there are many.

Why Samsung Mobile Hanging Problem Occurs

  • All the applications you have installed may be corrupted or out of date.
  • The memory card may be faulty or contains a virus, which is causing this problem.
  • S3 volume buttons may be blocked.
  • The entire volume band of your S3 may be defective.
  • This also occurs when you have accessed both heavier applications at once. Therefore, the phone does not have a lot of RAM to support all at the same time.

Solution to solve Samsung Mobile Hanging Problem 

Solution 1: Shut Down Your Mobile Phone

Turning off your phone from time to time is a good idea as it will completely refresh the phone's memory. When you restart your phone, its memory will be rid of all the unnecessary data that was dragging and occupying the memory space.

Solution 2: Restart your phone in safe mode and watch

  1. Turn off the device.
  2. Press and hold the power key after the model name screen.
  3. When "SAMSUNG" appears on the screen, release the power button.
  4. Immediately after releasing the power key, press and hold the volume down key.
  5. Continue holding the Volume Down key until the unit restarts completely.
  6. Safe mode is displayed in the lower left corner of the screen.
  7. Release the Volume down key when you see safe mode.

Solution 3: Update, reset and / or uninstall suspicious applications

  1. On the Home screen, tap the Applications pane.
  2. Tap Play Store.
  3.  Press the Menu key and tap My Apps. To have your apps automatically updated, tap Menu> Settings> Automatically update apps to check the box.
  4. Choose one of the following options:
  5. Tap Update [xx] to update all applications with available updates.
  6.  Tap an individual application, then tap Update to update a single app

Solution 4: Reduce the Number of Concurrent Apps to Stop Phone Hang

Each mobile phone has a limited amount of resources such as RAM and processing power. If you overload the phone beyond the capacity of these resources, the phone may hang. So, you should try to minimize the number of applications running simultaneously. A number of applications operate in the background. You can free clogged memory by stopping applications you no longer need.

Solution 5: Avoid Live Wallpaper

Do not keep the animated or animated wallpaper, it would directly affect the performance of the RAM. Try to keep your device's display with a simple or non-existent wallpaper.