Samsung Problems and How to Fix It

Samsung Problems and How to Fix It

Samsung Problems and How to Fix It

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Do you have problems with your Samsung smartphone? You have arrived at the right place. Cell Phone Repair has come up with help you solve some of the problems commonly encountered with Samsung devices. A number of Samsung users, including the Samsung Galaxy S5 / S6 / S7, complain that they have encountered problems while using the phone. Whether it's water damage, cracked screens, defective buttons or exhausted batteries, your Samsung phone will be up and running in no time after following our helpful repair guides. In this article, we will list some common problems of Samsung and propose solutions to solve them.

Samsung problems with their solutions

Problem 1. The fingerprint reader does not work

Some Samsung phone owners have reported that the scanner on their devices, which worked well before, no longer recognizes their fingerprints. Thus, they fail to access their Samsung phones. So, if you forget the backup password, you can access it by following the solutions below

Samsung Problems and How to Fix It


  1. Before the solutions below, you can press the "Power" button for about 10 seconds and let the Samsung Galaxy / Note reboot. Then try the fingerprint and see if it works or not.
  2. Clean the scanner with a clean tissue.
  3. Remove the housing or the protective cover.
  4. Add the new fingerprints and deactivate the old ones by going to "Settings"> "Locked screen and security"> "Fingerprints".

Problem 2. Screen Sensitivity

The sensitivity problem of the Samsung Galaxy  screen is exposed by some reports. Some find that he is not always recording contacts, apparently at random. Some people find that a specific area of ​​the screen is worse than others. Unbelievable? Type any number  on the dialer to test it. Then correct the problem by following these steps


  1. Turn off the phone, then turn it on.
  2. If your phone is covered by a case or screen protector, remove it and check if the screen can detect or not.
  3. Turn off the phone. Then press the power button. Once the screen wakes up, release the power button and press the volume down button. After these steps, the phone should display safe mode in the lower left corner. Restart to exit safe mode. If you do not find any problems in safe mode, it is certain that the problem comes from an item that you have installed. Try to uninstall them from your phone.
  4. If the above methods do not work, contact your dealer, reseller, or Samsung to request a replacement.

Problem 3. Constantly Pop-up

Users also complain about persistent contextual notes regarding the terms "enhanced features", "profile sharing" and "simple sharing". They continue to appear if you refuse the terms.


  1. Tap "Accept" when this note appears, it will disappear. But that means you have accepted the terms and conditions.
  2. If you do not want to accept the conditions, you can press Decline and the next one on "Contracts". Touch your name under "My Profile"> "Profile Sharing"> "Registered Information"> "More" at the top right. Finally, select "Delete phone number".

Problem 4. Call Volume Too Low

If the volume of your Samsung device is too low, preventing you from hearing the other caller or vice versa, preventing the other person from hearing what you say, you can follow the steps below


  1. Remove the plastic cover or housing.
  2. Clean debris or dust in the speaker or microphone.
  3. Press the volume increase button. When you see the volume bar appear on the screen, tap the small gear icon to increase the volume.
  4. During a call, look for the "Extra Volume" button and press it.

Problem 5. Performance is Too Slow

After using the phone for a long time, you will find that your Samsung device is slow, which takes too long to activate applications. We propose potential solutions below


  1. Restart your Samsung phone, Samsung Galaxy S7 for example.
  2. Clear your phone's cache: Turn off your Galaxy> Simultaneously press the "Home" + "Power" + "Volume up" buttons until the Samsung logo appears> Tap the "Minimize" button volume "> When" Wipe Cache Partition "is highlighted, select it by pressing the power button.> When the process is complete, highlight the" Reset "option and press the" Power "button. "to confirm the restart.

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