Samsung Smart TV Error Code 012

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Samsung Smart TV Error Code 012

Samsung Smart TV Error Code 012

If you want to fix Samsung Smart TV Error Code 012 network, here are some easy steps to follow. You must first know why this error occurs? Samsung smart TVs have many software features it is obvious that they are subject to technical problems. One of the problems faced by many Samsung Smart TV users is the error code 012.

Samsung Smart TV Error Code 012

Error code 012 is a network interface error that users experience when trying to download or update an application on their device. This error prevents them from streaming live content from Netflix, Youtube and others. An error box saying "The network interface has occurred. Please try again later. Error Code 012 "appears on the screen.

How To Fix Samsung Tv Network Error 012?

We will provide some methods to solve the error code 012 of the Samsung network television. Note that Method 1 is simply an important check to ensure that you have the required Internet connectivity. The real and more relevant methods are indicated later.

Method 1: Check your Internet connection

All smart TVs need strong Internet connectivity to work properly. If you get network error code 012, this may indicate low or no internet connectivity. You can try restarting the router or modem and then check if you can update the applications on your TV. If you are sure that you have solid Internet connectivity, you should use the following two methods to troubleshoot Samsung's Smart TV 012 error code.

Method 2: Automatically update the firmware on your smart TV 

The real cause of the Samsung Smart TV 012 network error code is the degraded version of the firmware on your device. Thus, if you update your device to the latest firmware version, this error code should disappear. In order to update the firmware automatically, you must follow the steps mentioned below.

  1. Turn on your Samsung Smart TV and make sure it has been connected to a solid internet connection.
  2. Using your remote control, open the TV options menu by clicking on the MENU button on your remote control.
  3. Use the down arrow on the remote control to access the Support tab.
  4. Now select the option to update the software.
  5. Select the Online option.
  6. As long as your Samsung device is connected to the Internet, it connects to Samsung servers to check for an update. If an update is available, the installation will start automatically.

After you have updated the latest firmware, check if network error code 012 still persists. However, you may not see any updates available for your device. In this case, you must manually update the firmware of your Samsung device. The steps to manually update the firmware are given in the following method.