Search Engine Optimization Google Adwords

Search Engine Optimization Google Adwords

Search Engine Optimization Google Adwords


What is Google AdWords?

If you’re new to digital marketing, you may have heard about PPC, Adwords, and terms like CPCs, auctions, and campaigns without knowing what these buzzwords mean. Do not worry, the purpose of this article is to clarify things. Let’s start. Google Adwords is an advertising platform owned by Google. Advertisers can use this platform to position their ads on Google search results pages, Google products (YouTube, Gmail, etc.) and thousands of other AdWords sites as publishers (it’s Google Adsense). As an advertiser, you can choose to pay when someone clicks on your ad (cost-per-click or CPC) or when they see your ad (CPM or cost per thousand impressions). The Adwords system as a whole works like a big auction where advertisers are competing for available advertising space.

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Whenever you search on Google (since most of the search is done on Google’s engine), you’ll find two different types of results. They are as follows: Organic search results, AND paid promotional advertising. These “sponsored” search results are displayed on the Google AdWords platform. Although the investment is considerably lower than that of conventional advertising, some links, such as sponsored links, require a second look. Google AdWords places a “Sponsored” link strategically before general search results based on your selected gender / keyword. However, a majority would avoid such sponsored links simply because there is a concept that the Internet is always more reliable when providing “free services”. Clicking on flashing ads and pop-ups is a bad idea. Google AdWords is a serious and serious way to promote business products and services that make better use of Internet resources.

Google AdWords campaign planning and SEO

When setting up your campaign, be sure to start at the end. Think about the ads you’ll be broadcasting and understand where the click will lead. You must find the keywords and phrases that someone would type in the search engine to find the solution you are advertising. Once determined, make sure that these phrases and ideas fit well on your page. It’s complex, but the cost savings, the superior display and the better quality of the leads are worth it in the long run.

Difference between SEO and AdWords

  • Adwords targets many variations of particular keywords.
  • SEO targets the high traffic keywords mentioned on your website.
  • AdWords advertising delivers the best results.
  • The process of referencing a website takes time to achieve optimal results, that is to say on average 3 months.
  • SEO optimizes the position of the site, propelling it into the front ranks to finally place it on the first page of Google.
  • With AdWords, one pay for every click a visitor makes on their ad.
  • With SEO, we do not pay for each click, it’s rather a monthly cost for an SEO company to work on your website to display on the first page of Google search results and other search engines.
  • Adwords is a quick method to generate your sales and prospects.
  • SEO optimizes the quality and quantity of incoming links to your website.
  • AdWords generates immediate traffic right from the start of the campaign. This is useful for new websites or seasonal services and products.