Trend Micro Security Agent

Trend Micro Security Agent

Trend Micro Security Agent


Trend Micro Security Agent

Powered by the Trend Micro Smart Protection Network, Worry-Free Business Security Services is a centrally managed anti-malware solution that protects endpoints (servers, desktops, and portable devices) from a wide variety of Internet threats. An integrated solution, Worry-Free Business Security Services consists of the Trend Micro security  agent that resides at the endpoint and the WFBS-SVC server that manages all agents.

Trend Micro Security Agents  report to the server from which they were installed. They send event information such as threat detection, agent start-up, agent shutdown, start of a scan and completion of update to the server in real time. Administrators control agent settings from the server and can choose to grant users privileges to configure specific settings. 

Its security services protects many PCs and notebooks from viruses for and other threats across the web. Unique Web Threat Protection stops threats before they reach computers and inflict damage or steal data. The computer will not be slow due to this more secure, smart and easy cover from web threats. You can keep security management centric without the need to add a server, install server software, configure settings, or maintain updates. Trend Micro security experts host and continuously update the service for you. Trend Micro Security Agent

Trend Micro Security agent Services: 

  • Safer: Protect multiple PCs/notebooks located in or out of the office with a single antivirus, anti-spyware business solution. 
  • Smarter: Stop viruses and other threats without configuring settings or maintaining updates.
  • Simpler: Centrally manage and check the status of protected computers anywhere (no server required).  

The Worry-Free Business Security Services console is accessed by your office’s computer administrator. The Client/Server Security Agent (CSA) is installed on client computers and protects your Windows computers from Internet threats. It is managed through the Worry-Free Business Security Services console. 

These agent provides scheduled, real-time and manual threatening scanning capabilities with other protection. Trend Micro Security Agents can combat threats with the following components: 

  • Antivirus and Anti-spyware Scan Engines along with Pattern Files in Trend Micro Security Agent 
  • POP3 Mail Scan in Security Agent 
  • Firewall in Security Agent 
  • Firewall in Security Agent 
  • Web Reputation in Security Agent 
  • Behaviour Monitoring in Security Agent 
  • IM Content Filtering in Security Agent 

The Trend Micro Security Agent reports to the Trend Micro WFBS-SVC Server. To provide the very latest client information, the agent sends the event status information to real-time. Agents reported on the event of threat detection, agent startup, agent shutdown, scan start, and the completion of the update. If your administrator grants you privileges, you can also configure your own settings from the  Trend Micro Security Agent console. 

What You Can Do with Trend Micro Security Agent ?

  • Scan and clean files and folders for Internet threats 
  • Configure Manual Scan for viruses and spyware 
  • Protect your computer using Web Reputation 
  • Use the Firewall to protect your computer from attacks
  • Scan POP3 email messages for viruses and spyware 
  • Update your components from the Trend Micro Active Update server 
  • Generate and view logs