SEO Competitor Analysis

SEO Competitor Analysis

SEO Competitor Analysis


What is a competitive SEO analysis?

In simple terms, the analysis of competition in the field of SEO is to identify any associated website with a higher ranking than the SERP in terms of search terms related to your product, service or company. Some websites that outperform you in Google will be competitors you know well. Others will be unknown competitors who are not part of your industry but who are also writing content related to your business, product or service. Based on this definition, you can proceed with the competitive landscape analysis.

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Why do websites conduct a competitive analysis?

The competition analysis helps you to:

  • Learn about the weaknesses of your competitors and exploit them to your advantage.
  • Discover their strengths and use them for your brand.
  • Assess the ranking difficulty in your area.
  • better understand their SEO techniques / strategies.

This is an important factor to consider as the words and phrases used by competing websites will be much harder to use for your own website. By conducting in-depth SEO competitor analysis, website managers can learn which terms they should target and avoid. If they want to go beyond the current rankings of another website, it is also valuable to understand how the keyword strategy of this site works.

Analyzing SEO Competitors is more important than marketers realize. Consider search engines as a free marketing tool that tells you the performance of your search engine optimization. By doing simple keyword research and usability, you can see what tactics work and how to best use your time.

  • What do you need to know about your competitor’s listing?
  • What they do well
  • What are the advantages of your website compared to your competitors and how do you benefit?
  • What are your link opportunities?

Competitor Analysis and Link Opportunities

But the analysis of SEO competitors will also reveal link opportunities you can take advantage of, the internal link tactics that your competitors use, and the upstream link strategies that work best for your competitors.

SEO competitor analysis tools do not all do the same thing. Here are some specific indicators provided by different competitors analysis tools:

Here are some of the main tools for analyzing SEO competitors

  1. Identify areas with which you compete in organic research
  2. Get a list of keywords that your competitors are targeting in organic search
  3. Monitor competitor rankings: View the distribution of competitors’ positions on the first page of the search results.
  4. Estimate the competitor’s traffic
  5. Monitor the distribution of traffic shares within your niche by competing domain
  6. Get detailed site statistics on monthly pageviews, monthly unique visits, time spent on the site, and your competitors’ bounce rate.
  7. Discover the demography of competing domains
  8. Track the growth of competitive links
  9. See which pages on your competitor’s site yield the most backlinks