SEO Content Writing

SEO Content Writing

SEO Content Writing


Content referencing refers to the creation of content that allows your web pages to be featured prominently in search engines. This includes everything about writing and structuring the content of your website. You need to consider three main elements to create content that optimizes the ranking of your website: keyword strategy, site structure and writing.

SEO is important because search engines, such as Google, read your website. As a result, the words you use on your site determine whether your site will be ranked or not in their results pages. Of course, your website needs to be well designed, with an excellent user interface, and all the technical elements to rank your site in Google must also be covered. But without good quality content, your site has no chance in the search engines.

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How to make your content SEO-friendly

  1. Use titles and sub-headers

The use of titles and sub-headers allows several things for SEO optimization. First, it makes your writing easier to read and therefore easier for your readers to read. People are more likely to share things that are easy to read.

  1. Add links to previous content

One of the ways that search engines use to rank content is the number of backlinks they get. Good content tends to have a lot of backlinks – both external and internal. If you want to generate traffic and prioritize your old content above, you can not forget to link it from your new messages.

  1. Optimize the length of your article

Back in the day, most of the blog posts you read would count for several hundred words. It was a numbers game, the more messages you post, the more traffic you have. Nowadays, this is rarely the case. Even on the GetResponse blog that you are currently reading, you will find mostly articles with more than 1,500 words published less frequently.

  1. Choose your keywords wisely

Some marketers like to sit down and start writing. They leave SEO optimization for the last moment. Others start by writing the keywords they want to incorporate into their content.

    5. Optimize your images

The images are essential to make your content interesting and shareable. People are much more likely to buy from a company whose website contains attractive and relevant photos.

  1. Make the content sharable

Thus, you have managed to write an interesting, user-friendly and content-rich article that people want to read. The next step is to make it shareable. Websites such as ShareThis and AddThis make it easy to add social media buttons to your website so users can easily share the content.

  1. Write high quality content

This one should be pretty obvious, but it’s not always applied. The best way to get people to read and interact with your content is to write useful and entertaining content. Search engines reward sites with relevant content and high quality. Quality is more important than almost every other factor on the list.