SEO Course

SEO Course

SEO Course


SEO is the active practice of optimizing a website by improving internal and external aspects to increase the traffic generated by search engines. Companies that practice SEO can vary; some have a highly specialized orientation, while others take a broader and more general approach. Website optimization for search engines may require searching for as many unique elements as many SEO practitioners see themselves as belonging to the vast field of website optimization (since many of these elements intertwine).

An SEO course is usually a certified program that allows you to study and dive into one or more aspects of SEO. Some courses are only specialized in SEO Off-Page, others are devoted to SEO optimization on the page, others explain how to develop the best keyword research strategy to optimize your investment in SEO, etc.

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An SEO certification is usually an additional educational experience that you will appreciate after following some SEO courses. SEO certifications usually offer advanced SEO training and help learners become experts in SEO. How? By effectively developing their skills to improve search engine ranking, increase overall website traffic, and even optimize specific and targeted keywords.

Learning outcomes

An introduction to SEO

  • Introduction to search marketing (basics)
  • How it works: Search Engine Optimisation
  • The evolving search engine landscape

Keyword research

  • Keyphrase analysis: its role in search marketing
  • Keyphrase development: first steps
  • Keyphrase development: adding sophistication

Structural optimisation for SEO and its impact on web design

  • What search engines are doing: reprise
  • Site visibility
  • Reputation and redirection
  • HTML tags with impact on SEO

Content strategy and link building

  • The importance of links
  • Competitor informed link building
  • Link building through content
  • Link building through social networking

Setting objectives: selecting metrics

  • Setting search marketing objectives
  • Creating meaningful reports

Who should attend?

Marketing or web managers who need to plan and implement an SEO program in B2B and B2C markets. They will either have the experience of planning and executing SEO programs, or will have taken our one-day introductory course in search engine marketing.

To maximize the value of the course, delegates can access their own Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics accounts and discuss any issues specific to the SEO program.