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SEO Guide

SEO Guide


The Search Engine Journal ebook, a comprehensive guide to SEO, provides a comprehensive overview of everything you need to know to succeed in search engine optimization. SEO is a dynamic and fast-paced domain. It can also be frustrating at times, especially if you are using obsolete tactics that are no longer working. That’s why it’s crucial for you to stay informed and learn continuously. SEO is also more complex than ever in 2019.

It takes more than creating links, creating old content and adding a few keywords to improve your rankings based on organic searches and increase the visibility of your company or your brand.

You need to keep track of and understand:

  • Emerging trends (e.g., voice search).
  • Algorithmic changes.
  • Technological advancements (e.g., machine learning).
  • Your audience (e.g., how they behave and what they want).

So, how do you develop an SEO strategy to dominate your competitors in Google and other search engines?

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SEO from Start to Finish

From the world’s leading brands to modest personal websites, search engine optimization (SEO) is an essential tool for generating traffic, acquiring new customers and being found online.

SEO offers an incredible opportunity and access (it’s a free marketing channel by nature) to incoming traffic, but it can be hard to know where to start and what tips to follow. The ultimate SEO Guide is here to dispel these myths and give you everything you need to know about SEO to appear in Google and other search engines, and ultimately use SEO to grow your business.

The ultimate SEO Guide is divided into four sections, designed to facilitate the learning process while providing easy reference as the complexity of your SEO programs increases. From the most complex ideas to the most basic, here is a detailed plan for the success of SEO. We know there is a lot to cover. Each section serves as a specific point of reference when problems or questions arise, or you can follow the guide from start to finish to gain complete control over SEO.

  1. Start: The essential basics, every element you must remove from your to-do list when building a website for the first time. This section ends with the SEO checklist that you can use to make sure you build your site in a user-friendly way for SEO.
  2. Keyword Research: The strategy and tools you need to choose the right keywords for your site. Choose the right keywords to insert in the basic elements you learned in the previous section.
  3. Growth: More advanced and long-term growth strategies. Keep developing your SEO to create business, drive traffic and rank more terms. Learn how to apply basic startup skills and keyword research to these growth initiatives.
  1. Tracking: Often overlooked, but one of the most important elements of a successful SEO, this section explains how you can track your success and link your efforts to real traffic and business, giving you the opportunity to modify and optimize your programs.

How to Monitor & Track SEO Results

Technical configuration, content, and links are essential for integrating a website into search results. Tracking your efforts helps improve your strategy.

Measuring the success of natural referencing means tracking data about traffic, engagement, and links. And while most companies develop their own sets of KPIs, here are the most common ones:

  • Organic traffic growth
  • Keyword rankings (split into branded and non-branded terms)
  • Conversions from organic traffic
  • Average time on page and the bounce rate
  • Top landing pages attracting organic traffic
  • Number of indexed pages
  • Links growth (including new and lost links)

We hope this guide uncovers the mystery of SEO and provides the tools you need to be found online. If you have comments on topics that you would like the guide to cover, please send your requests.