Office 365 Support Download

Office 365 Support Download

Office 365 Support Download



How will Office 365 Support Download benefit me?

Office 2016 (Pro Plus): Microsoft Office 2016 (Pro Plus) includes familiar software such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel and One drive. It can be installed on three devices (eg laptops, tablets, smartphones). You can also work with documents while offline, with fully-installed versions of Office Desktop apps. 

OneDrive gives you 1TB of online storage: With Office 365, you have a great location to store all your personal files. From photographs, movies, to your Unisa assignments, you will be able to save them all. All your files will be stored online, which means that you will be able to access anytime, anywhere, by logging into your 365 account using your Unisa email address and password. 

Office 365 Support Download

How can I access Microsoft Office 365?

 To download Microsoft Office 365 to a laptop

  1. Visit 
  2. Sign in with your Unisa myLife e-mail address and your myUnisa / my Life password. 
  3. Click “Install Office 2016”. 
  4. Use your Unisa myLife e-mail address and your myUnisa / myLife password to unlock your 1TB cloud storage. 

To download Microsoft Office 365 to a tablet or cellphone 

  1. Go to the Play Store, App-store or Windows Store on your cellphone or tablet. 
  2. Download the OneDrive, OneNote and Word app from the Play Store, App-store or Windows Store. 
  3. Make sure you use the “sign-in” option. 
  4. Use your Unisa myLife e-mail address and your myUnisa / myLife password to unlock your 1TB cloud storage. 

How to download Office 365 

You can download and install the latest version of Office 365 on the Lehigh OneDrive site. 

  1. Authenticate to OneDrive Web Interface using your Office 365 credentials. To access the OneDrive Web Interface type the following URL in the address box: or click on this link:OneDrive. 
  2. Note: If you currently have an older version of MS Office installed on your computer, we recommend that you uninstall that version before proceeding with the Office 365 installation, to avoid possible installation conflicts. 
  3. Click on the “Install Office 2016” button, located in the upper right corner. 
  4. Launch the Office 365 Installation from the downloaded file. 
  5. Click “Next” at the first screen and accept the default settings at the next several screens. 
  6. Click “All Done” in the final installation screen. 
  7. You have now installed Office 365 and are ready to get started! Click “Next” in the following screen. 
  8. Sign in to your Office 365 page and discover the benefits of Office 365 and OneDrive! 

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