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Office 365 Support Tool

Office 365 Support Tool



If you are experiencing problems with Outlook or are having trouble installing Office Apps, Microsoft’s new Office 365 Support Tool  (aka SaRA) can help diagnose and fix most common user or client side issues. Office 365 Support Tool works on diagnostic tests to help identify the basics of issues such as verifying users ‘credentials, permits, outlook clients’ updates, and checking whether Outlook servers are reachable. Depending on the test results, it may offer to automatically fix the problem for users or provide suggestions on recommended solutions. All diagnostic results are saved in the logged file for users to share their Outlook Administrator or Support Engineers for further investigation.  

Every time we run SaRa, it automatically updates to its latest version, so it can troubleshoot any new Outlook issues. Office 365 Support Tool can fix problems on how to fix itself or share information. From our experience, it is an easy tool for many situations. Moreover, if the device is unable to resolve the issue for some reason, it will send it to the Office 365 Support Team for further help. Let’s hope you do not need to be sent elsewhere. 

 How Does the tool Work? 

The tool uses a predefined repair and recovery algorithm to solve problems in Office 365. Office 365 Support Tool helps reduce engineer tickets for Office 365. With the Office 365 Support Tool, most problems are automatically resolved, but if the assistant is unable to find a solution, it lists a series of additional steps you can take. As problems arise, the tool is frequently updated with new patches.  

With support and Office 365 Support Tool, many issues are automatically resolved but if you are unable to find a supportive solution, you can list the list of additional steps you can take. As the problem occurs, the device is updated frequently with the new patches. 

7 Steps to Use Microsoft Office 365 Support Tool

  1. Download the Support and Office 365 Support Tool: Download the tool here. Note that you must install the Office 365 Support Tool on the affected machine so that the problems you are experiencing are properly diagnosed and troubleshooting. 
  2. Launch the Assistant: Once the assistant is installed on your machine, launch it. 
  3. Select the Application that Needs Troubleshooting: Select the application that you are having issues with from the list, and click Next. We’ll select Outlook as an example. 
  4. Select the Problem You’re Having: Select all problem descriptions that match the issue you are experiencing, and click Next. 
  5. Work on the Affected Machine: Select “Yes” when asked if this is the affected machine. Click Next to proceed. 
  6. Log In to Your Office 365 Account: You should now see a login page for Office 365. Sign in with your email and password. Click Next to begin the diagnosis. 
  7. Let the Assistant Fix the Issue: Once Microsoft has checked all possible solutions to your problem, it will display a diagnosis report and a summary of actions the tool performed on your device. 

 Still Having Problems? 

If Office 365 Support Tool was unable to identify or fix the issue with your system, please get in touch with Office 365 support service.

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