Office 365 Support Windows XP

Office 365 Support Windows XP

Office 365 Support Windows XP



We all know that we should not run Windows XP with our business so far, at least Microsoft has not endorsed all the reason. Still, there is still Office 365 Support Windows Xp (an excellent operating system in its days). So when you ask repeatedly to the client about going to Microsoft Office 365, the question is – “Can I use Microsoft Office 365 with Windows XP?” The answer is “may be”. 

Here’s to note that Microsoft Office 365 is a complete set of products and services, so it depends on what products and services they are actually talking about. Is Microsoft Office 365 compatible with Windows XP? Learn more about what bits will work with Windows XP and which will not. 

Microsoft Office Desktop Applications 

This is the software that you can install on your computer which comes with Office 365 Plan (known as desktop license). This includes familiar Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft Outlook applications that you might already be familiar with on a Windows XP computer. 


It’s the second one in the same way as the exchange. This is really a cloud service and there is no thing running on your computer, so you can access it from a Windows XP computer, because most probably you can access it through a web browser. 

Microsoft Office Online

This feature helps you to use simplified, web-browser-based versions of core Microsoft Office applications such as Word and Excel. Since it is a browser based object, it will work fine on Windows XP, depending on the web browser you are using. 

OneDrive for Business 

No, OneDrive is not supported for business on Windows XP. OneDrive for Business is a small application that you install to synchronize your computer with Office 365 Cloud, and it can be easy to work with a SharePoint document library, so it can be a complexity to not be able to run this element. You 

 Installing the required updates for Office 365 on a Windows XP computer 

You must run Windows Update to ensure that your computer has the latest updates for Windows XP. Microsoft Desktop Setup Tool You can run the Microsoft desktop setup tool to get specific Office 365 updates. 

How to install Windows Updates on Windows XP To install Windows and Office updates, please follow the steps listed below:  

  1. Open Internet Explorer and navigate to http://window 
  2. Install Microsoft Update by clicking on the Go button, followed by Start Now and Continue button (Note: You may skip to step 7 if Microsoft Update is already installed on your PC).  
  3. Install the required Active X control if prompted.  
  4. Click Check for Updates.  
  5. Click the Express button to check for high priority updates. 
  6. Installed the latest Windows Update component if prompted.  
  7. Save any open documents/files and close all open applications. Then click Install Updates.  
  8. Both Windows and Microsoft Office updates will then be downloaded and installed.  
  9. Ensure any open documents or files are saved and close them. Then click Restart Now.  
  10. Repeat steps 1‐11 until there are no more high priority updates remaining to install.  

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