Android Synchronization Failures

Synchronization Failures

Android Synchronization Failures


Your Android smartphones will sync regularly with your Google Account to update your different Google apps, such as Gmail, Google Voice, Google Talk, Google Maps and more. The synchronization error in Android smartphones usually appears in the notification window. This usually happens if the automatic sync feature can not verify your username or password with Google apps on your Android smartphones. The synchronization error in Android smartphones may appear for two main reasons, one is due to a user error or a human error and the second to a bug / virus within the Android operating system of your Android smartphones.

How to sync Google Contacts on Android

One of the following steps will probably solve your problem of synchronizing the contacts once and for all.

  1. Make sure Android Sync is enabled on your phone. To do this, go to Settings> Data Usage> Menu and see if automatic data synchronization is checked. Even if it does, try turning it off and on several times.
  2. Make sure Google Contacts Sync is turned on. Go to Settings> Accounts> Google and select the account you are using. Make sure Contacts is checked. Again, even if it is, turn off and on again several times.
  3. Make sure the background data is enabled. If they are restricted, some applications or features will only work if you are connected to a WiFi network. Go to Settings> Data Usage> Menu and see if “Restrict Background Data” is selected or not.
  4. Clear the app’s cache and data for Google Contacts. Go to Settings> Application Manager, then swipe to All and choose Contacts Synchronization. Select Clear cache and clear data.
  5. Delete your Google Account and set it up again. Go to Settings> Accounts> Google and select the account with which you have problems. Choose the Remove Account option, and then resume the installation process one more time.

Other Solutions 

Add your accounts to sync settings: Now, enter all the necessary information for your accounts, and then let the phone sync. Depending on the number of emails or calendar items to synchronize, this process may take some time. Wait a bit

Check your Wi-Fi connections:

Most of the sync options will be managed in the app or through Android settings. Therefore, first check if you have a data connection, that is, you are connected to a wireless or Wi-Fi network.

  • Go to Settings -> Wireless & networks

Check the application settings

However, if you still have synchronization issues, check the settings for each application. Most apps fix themselves, but some apps, such as Gmail, may need help.

Steps to resolve synchronization issues

If the above methods do not help you fix sync errors, follow the steps explained below:

  • Delete all synchronized accounts on your phone: Access your synchronization settings and delete all associated accounts. Menu -> Settings -> Accounts and Sync.

Now delete all the accounts on your Android.

Clear all data and cache files: Go to your application manager and locate ALL applications associated with your email / calendar / contacts and clear all data and caches.