TCL smart TV Alexa

TCL smart TV Alexa

TCL smart TV Alexa


You can now ask Alexa to control your TCL Roku TV. Alexa who ??? Amazon Alexa, simply called Alexa, is a voice-activated personal assistant developed by Amazon. This cloud voice service has a number of “skills” and capabilities, including the ability to perform voice search and voice control of TCL Roku TVs. You can use Amazon devices, or Amazon and Alexa apps to find and control playback of content, as well as the ability to launch certain streaming channels. In addition, you can turn on and off the TV screen, adjust the volume, switch between different input devices such as an Over-The-Air antenna, a cable box, game consoles, and more. once connected.

How to Connect a TCL Smart TV to Alexa?

Thanks to the TCL Assistant and Alexa skills, you can now interact vocally with your TCL Smart TV. To get started, select the “Activate Skills” button in the Alexa app to link TCL Assistant and discover your devices. For more information on connecting smart devices, connect a smart device to Alexa (

  1. Check if your TV supports Alexa: Go to the TV Settings menu to see if the TV has the ‘System -> Amazon Alexa’ menu.
  2. To use this skill, you must first know the name of your TV. You can access the TV Settings menu, select the ‘TV Name’ menu or ‘Device Name’ to display the TV name.
  3. If the above steps are correct, click the “Activate” button at the top right of this page.
  4. To activate the TV with Alexa, go to the TV Settings menu to select “System -> Amazon Alexa -> Get Code” to get the activation code.
  5. Insert the code into the account link page as requested after clicking “Activate” as described above.

How Alexa can control TCL Roku TV?

To use Alexa to search and control your TCL Roku TV, you must link your Roku account to your Alexa account by doing the following:

  1. From your mobile device, launch the Alexa Mobile app.
  2. Press or select Menu, then Skills and games
  3. Search Roku in the search bar
  4. Search and select Roku from the list.
  5. Tap or select Activate Skill
  6. If you are prompted, log in to your Roku account.
  7. Select the Roku device you want to control with Alexa. Note: If there are multiple Roku devices linked to your Roku account, you can only select one Roku device to control with Alexa.
  8. Close your Roku account
  9. The Alexa app will search your Roku device on the Device Discovery screen. Make sure your TCL Roku TV is powered on, otherwise the Alexa app will not find it / will not see it.
  10. When prompted, select the TCL Roku TV that you want to control with Alexa.
  11. Select the Alexa device on which you want to control your TCL Roku TV.
  12. Go to the Home Control tab of the Alexa app. (The house icon with the controls at the bottom right)
  13. Press the existing group to which you want to add your Roku device or create a new group by pressing the Add button at the top right.
  14. Press the Roku device and make sure the Enabled switch is on.