TCL smart TV blank screen

TCL smart TV blank screen

TCL smart TV blank screen


TCL Roku TV is a unique device. It comes with a built-in streaming device. This means you do not have too many remote controls to handle. You can control both your Roku Streaming device and your TV with the same remote control. You do not need to configure the Roku device as you would with traditional broadcast devices.

Beyond all this, you can use the remote control to perform a voice search and listen to your TV privately. All you have to do is speak aloud in your remote after clicking on the microphone icon. For private listening, simply plug in a headset and you can listen to the TV sound. But, there is a common mistake that many TCL TV users are facing. The black screen of TCL Roku TV! How do you solve problems?

Rain check

Before you begin troubleshooting, you will need to check if the screen is black due to input or device malfunction. To do this, press the menu button on your remote control. If the menu appears, it means that your TV screen is really working and that there is only a problem with the input. But if you do not see the menu, it means that your TV screen is not working and you need to contact the device vendor and have it repaired.

Troubleshooting input issues

First, you will need to check if you have configured Roku as input for your device. Otherwise, your TCL Roku TV black screen may be the result of a wrong input selection. So, go to the menu. In the menu, look for the “Enter” option. In it is set to TV and not HDMI or USB ports. This means that you have chosen the TV to view the contents of the device connected to your HDMI or USB port. This should solve your problem. If this is not the case, please proceed with the other troubleshooting.

Try playing videos from your other device.

Try to launch the screens of your mobile or portable devices on those of the TV. If this is not possible, connect a UCB player to the TV’s USB port. Please change the input to USB and play a local video file. If the TV plays this video, it means that your device has trouble recognizing and streaming from Roku. The black screen of TCL Roku TV is not a problem for the TV.

Check your internet connection

Please check if your TV has an active internet connection. Go check with your Internet connectivity menu and try if you can connect to the preferred internet. If you are already connected, due to the TCL Roku TV black screen problem, we recommend that you forget this connection and reconnect to this Internet.