TCL smart TV Netflix not working

TCL smart TV Netflix not working

TCL smart TV Netflix not working


Noting that Netflix does not work on your TCL smart TV? Sometimes applications like Netflix stop working without any provocation. This happens for a variety of reasons and it is not always easy to pin down the problem. No need to panic, we are here for you. If you use a Roku for your entertainment needs, here are some ways to make it operational again, in case it suddenly stops working.

Check your network settings

Believe it or not, it’s the most common culprit. Your Roku may have temporarily lost its connection to your network. In this case, you can check your network settings in the Roku user interface.

  • On the Home screen, scroll down and go to the Settings menu.
  • Scroll through the list and open the Network option to see if your Roku TV, your streaming key, or your set-top box is still connected.
  • If this is the case, you can click the Check Connection option to test your network connection.

If things seem to be going that way, examine your router and make sure it is connected. Depending on the type of Roku device, it may be interesting to try to switch from one wireless connection to another wired with an Ethernet cable. The Roku Support Page also contains a list of error codes that can help you identify your connectivity issues. Beyond that, you may want to check with your ISP, but this can be left as a last resort.

TCL smart TV Netflix not working

Check for updates

After a while, applications can simply start acting in a fun way, especially if the software has not been updated in a while. Sometimes developers impose background changes that also require front-end updates, otherwise they will remain blocked. Just updating your apps should help you keep working perfectly.

Normally, Roku searches for updates each time it is turned on or every 24 to 36 hours. You can also manually check for updates to the Neflix app.

  • On the Home screen, scroll down and go to the Settings menu.
  • Scroll down and select the System option.
  • Click on the software update selection.
  • Finally, click the Check Now option. This action checks for Roku system updates and Netflix application updates.

TCL smart TV Netflix not working

Restart your Roku

Have you tried switching on and off your device again? No seriously, it works most often. Restart your Roku a little by unplugging it for at least 10 seconds. Reconnect it and turn on the device. Wait at least a minute before returning to Netflix.

Check your Netflix account

If the app has problems playing videos, the problem may be with your Netflix account. Check the account to make sure your subscription has been renewed correctly. If you have recently changed your credit card, you may need to update it.