Tencent gaming buddy error code 1

Tencent gaming buddy error code 1

Tencent gaming buddy error code 1


One of the ways to play Playerunknows’ Battleground (PUBG), in addition to the PS4, Xbox, or PC platforms that use Steam, is to emulate Android on the Windows computer, which is a passion for anyone who is passionate about the best system. ‘exploitation for smartphones. There is another emulator that is gaining strength among PC-based Android game players, which we have never talked about until today, where we will also take the opportunity to help you with a very common mistake at the time. starting some games.

This free PC-based Android emulator is called Tencent Gaming Buddy and is optimized primarily for playing PUBG on Windows (Battleun’s Battleground). It also claims to be “the best Android emulator in the world,” but that remains to be seen because it’s not easy to get the award-winning Bluestacks emulator out of its deserved champion status. This error occurs in Windows when starting the emulator, while everything seems to be OK and a window pops up with the message “Failed to start the emulator could not start the engine error code 1 “, which persists and prevents the use of the emulator.

Tencent gaming buddy error code 1

In the following lines, we will leave the solution to error code 1 of the Tencent Gaming Buddy emulator, in order to easily fix the problem and continue to enjoy PUBG Mobile and many other potentially buoyant games.

  1. Switch to Balance Instead of Power Saver Mode

First thing First, turn off the energy saving mode, if you do not know it. Windows 10 Provides Enhanced Power Saving Mode to Limit CPU and Disk Usage

By default. The Tencent gaming companion that slows down the computer affects gaming performance. All you need to do is

Go to Control Panel> Hardware and Sound> Power Option. Here you have the ability to select balance or high performance to improve your gaming performance.

2. Turn off Antivirus Tools or any Security Tools.

Some reports suggest that antivirus tools have identified Tencent Gaming Buddy Emulator as malware. Do not worry, it’s not a malware, because of some external links

Antivirus Tools Recognize it as malware. Even some antiviruses limit the performance of Tencent gaming friends, which slows down performance.

We recommend that you disable all security-related software so that your antivirus does not search for malicious files during your game. If you have improved your PC speed. After playing the game Activate for your other security.

3. Use Latest Graphics Driver

Well, we did not pay attention to the driver on our PC. But when it displays Waring as “Update Graphics Driver” or “Unable to initialize the rendering engine. You must check if an update is available or if it is not necessary to install it immediately. You can use any driver installation program online. We all know that PUBG needs a good Graphic.

Here are the steps to update your graphics drivers on Windows 10.

Step 1: Download the Booster Driver to your PC. Install it after downloading the software to your PC.

Step 2: Open Driver Booster and tap the scan button.

Step 3: Press and hold while searching for Moment and Booster Scan to search for an outdated driver.

Step 4: Once your outdated driver is displayed, tap Update Now and update your drivers.

These are the most common problems, it will also correct your corrupt or outdated driver. What need to run Pubg Emulator.

4. Always Select Integrated Graphics

If you are a 10-user window, you should go to Nvidia’s Control Panel> Manage 3D Settings> Program Settings. Here you select the program,

Which is “Tencent Gaming Buddy” and select “Integrated Graphics” as the preferred graphics processor. This could bring better performance.

5. Some Small Tweak on TGB Rendering Option.

Tencent Gaming Buddy offers 4 different rendering options among OpenGL, Direct X and 2 others. You must go above TGB and press Setup. Select the 4 options OpenGL and Direct X alternatives. Relaunch the game and refine your performance.

6. Try Different Emulator

In case your computer does not support Tencent Gaming Buddy. Try using another game emulator. Here is the list of popular emulators to choose from

  • Nox Player
  • Menu
  • BlueStacks

Pubg Mobile on the computer is a very good thing, even those gamepads supporting the emulator and some Extream Exctiong features.