Toshiba Printer Error 4011

Toshiba Printer Error 4011

Toshiba Printer Error 4011


Note : If you have a Error 4011 it may be result of a Recent Malware Virus attack on multiple devices 

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Error 4011 on Toshiba Printer

Printers have become a device that you can not do without. These devices play a vital role in today’s lives, whether they are businessmen, professionals, retirees, housewives or students. People need printers to handle paper work at home and in the office. When we talk about printers, Dell, HP, Toshiba, Canon, Epson, etc. are the famous brands that come to mind. Of all these brands, Toshiba printers are the most preferred because of their rugged quality and unique features.

Toshiba printers are a perfect combination of stylish features and advanced components. It covers all of your professional and domestic needs. But no matter what your efforts are, technical errors are uncertain. When you are in the middle of an urgent job, you may face sudden printing errors. One of the most annoying errors is 4011. This error clearly represents a printing defect that you have committed without your knowledge. The error message states “The job has been canceled”.

Why  4011 error code appearance of the on a Toshiba printer:

  • It mainly indicates a sudden error you made during the printing session.
  • When you delete an ongoing print job by mistake, an error message indicating that the job was canceled appears.
  • There are other factors that may cause this error code to appear, such as a faulty network and defective driver settings.

At the beginning, you must determine the main reason for the appearance of this error code. Different troubleshooting methods are available depending on the root cause of the Toshiba 4011 error code.

This is how to fix the Toshiba 4011 printer error code with step-by-step instructions.

Solutions to solve Toshiba printer error code 4011

Method 1: Troubleshoot an incorrect network problem

If this error message appears on your PC and only one LED is flashing on the Toshiba printer, the main problem is a faulty network. In this case, you can use the following steps to resolve this poor connectivity problem and resolve this error code:

  1. Check if the other end of the network cable is unplugged from the network jack
  2. Make sure the cable is securely plugged into the router and network switch
  3. Then you can try to connect the cable to another port on the router or network switch.
  4. And finally, check the power switch of the router or network

If Toshiba error code 4011 appears again after following the steps above, you can try the following method.

Method 2: Fix the defective driver settings

You must ensure that the printer specifications are correctly configured at the time of printer installation. Any error in the printer settings could cause this annoying error code to appear on your Toshiba printer. If your Toshiba printer sends you this error message because of incorrect settings, follow these steps to resolve it:

  1. First, make sure you have chosen the right printer
  2. Inspect the paper size
  3. If the copier needs a user code, enter it correctly.
  4. Check if the papers are correctly placed in the tray
  5. Make sure that the correct paper tray has been selected