Tp-Link Ac2800 Dual Band Wifi Router

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Tp-Link Ac2800 Dual Band Wifi Router

Tp-Link Ac2800 Dual Band Wifi Router


The TP-LINK Archer VR2800 AC2800 Dual-Band VDSL / ADSL2 + Broadband WiFi Broadband Router integrates a powerful combination of advanced Broadcom NitroQAM technology and 4-stream technology that enables high-speed data transfers to increase wireless 5GHz speeds by each device. The TP-LINK Archer VR2800 WiFi Broadband Router features the latest MU-MIMO technology allowing four simultaneous data streams to connect devices at speeds up to 4x faster than standard AC routers.

Key Features of Tp-Link Ac2800 Dual Band Wifi Router

  1. The fastest VDSL router running at speeds of 2167Mbps on 5GHz and 600Mbps on 2.4GHz.
  2. Includes the latest standard of WiFi including MU-MIMO and 160MHz bandwidth.
  3. Compatible with DSL connections, fibre/cable access and 3G/4G USB dongles.
  4. Quality of Service enabling priority of network traffic by device/application.
  5. Free Tether app to help set up/manage the Archer VR2800 from an Andriod or iOS device.
  6. Powered by industry-leading Broadcom 1GHz dual-core CPU with two co-processors.
  7. Four (4) 10/100/1000 Gigabit ports which operate up to 10x faster than Fast Ethernet.
  8. Wave 2 enables up to 160MHz bandwidth on a single channnel for faster transferring rates.
  9. Two (2) USB 3.0 ports to allow connection to hard drives and transfer faster than USB 2.0.

Tp-Link Ac2800 Dual Band Wifi Router

Setting It Up

Setting up the TP-Link router with Sky fibre is extremely simple. Whilst it’s not quite plug and play, the process is very simple:

1. Plug in your TP-Link to a power supply and connect the DSL (Internet) cable to the back.

2. Connect the network cable to port 1 on the router, then connect the other end to your laptop.

3. Open a browser window and navigate to

4. The TP-Link will ask you to set an admin password – make sure you use something secure, as Password123 ain’t gonna cut it!

5. Once in, the TP-Link setup wizard will start:

a. Input your location and time zone. Click Next.

b.  Select Sky(MER)_VDSL from the ISP list. Make sure it’s this one, as this is Sky fibre. The other Sky option in the list is for Sky Broadband and will not work for fibre connections.

c. In the username field, enter [email protected]

d. In the password field, enter 1234567890abcdef

e. Click Next, then set up your wireless settings how you want them setting. Personally, I disabled 2.4GHz and used only 5GHz to help the signal. Click Next.

f. The TP-Link will then test the Internet connection and you should see a success message. If you do not, wait for the DSL light to stop flashing and try again – it should work just fine.

6. That’s it! You’re now connected to Sky fibre via your new TP-Link router.

How to Connect a TP-Link Router To a Virgin SuperHub?

1. Turn on the TP-Link (perform a hard reset via the reset button first).1.
2. Connect to the Wi-Fi point as instructed in the quick setup guide and go through the basic setting of the new admin password and the time settings.
3. Go to the Advanced Tab and look on the left-hand side menu for Operation Mode. Select “Wireless Router Mode” and save it. The router will reboot.
4. Connect to the Superhub and place it into modem mode.
5. Power everything off. This includes the Superhub and the TP-Link and any connected devices (or disconnect them from Wi-Fi). Connect the Ethernet cable between the WAN port in the back of the TP-Link to the Ethernet port on the back of the Superhub closest to the coaxial cable.
6. Turn on the TP-Link router, wait until FULLY booted.
7. Turn on the Superhub, wait until FULLY booted and the only light showing in the front of the Superhub is the purple LED.
8. Turn on PC, or connect wirelessly to the TP-Link router via any device you intend to use with Wi-Fi capability.