Tp-Link Tl-Wr841n Wifi Router

Tp-Link Tl-Wr841n Wifi Router

Tp-Link Tl-Wr841n Wifi Router



The TL-WR841N (300 Mbps) Wireless N Router creates strong Wi-Fi connections for devices in your home. Bandwidth control allows you to allocate the necessary speed of each connected device to ensure the quality of streaming media and games. Equipped with two antennas, the TL-WR841N can enhance the transmission and reception of wireless signals. The free Tether app allows you to adjust network settings or manage your home network from your phone (Android, iOS). The TL-WR841N works with your ISP, such as Virgin Support. You can connect the TP-Link Wi-Fi Router to a modem / router modem with an Ethernet cable via the WAN port.Tp-Link Tl-Wr841n Wifi Router

Box Contains

  • 300 Mbps wireless N cable Router (TL-WR841N)
  • Power supply unit
  • Resource CD
  • Ethernet cable
  • Quick installation guide

Features of Tp-Link Tl-Wr841n Wifi Router

  1. Wireless N speed – 300 Mbps Wi-Fi speed meets your daily internet needs. Reliable, far-reaching 2.4GHz Wi-Fi coverage with two high-quality 5dBi antennas
  2. MIMO technology – 2 x 2 MIMO technology allows the router to run several devices at the same time to increases efficiency for streaming and gaming
  3. Easy bandwidth management – bandwidth control allocates necessary speed of each connected device to ensure quality of multi-media streaming
  4. Fast encryption – one-touch WPA wireless security encryption with the WPS button. Compatible with IPv6 -the more recent Internet Protocol version
  5. Parental controls and guest network – manage when and how connected devices can access the internet and keep your main network secure by creating a separate network for visitors

How To Setup TP Link Router Tl-Wr841N?

Advanced preparations 

  • Turn off your TP-Link router, your Comcast modem, and your computer.
  • You must now connect your Comcast modem to the WAN port of the TP-Link router using a Cat 5 Ethernet cable. Next, you must connect your computer to the LAN port of the TP-Link router via an Ethernet cable.
  • Turn on your TP-Link router, your Comcast modem, and your computer.

Setup TP-link router

Step 1: Log in to the TP-Link router’s web configuration utility by entering “” in the address bar. You are now redirected to a login page where you must enter your login credentials. After entering your username and password, you are redirected to the TP-Link web utility page.

Step 2: After accessing the TP-Link router wizard, you must configure the WAN connection type. To do this, tap Network> WAN in the menu. Move to the right of the web page and choose Dynamic IP as the WAN connection type. After that, click the Save button.

Step 3: Wait a few minutes, then check the WAN component on the TP-Link router’s Status page.

If a valid IP address is displayed, you must understand that the connection between your TP-Link router and the modem has been established. If no IP address is displayed, go to the next step.

Step 4: Tap Network> MAC Clone> Cloned MAC Address. Then save the settings by clicking the Save button.

Step 5: If no IP address is yet displayed, restart your Comcast modem and TP-Link router. After rebooting both devices, I hope you will get the WAN IP and Internet access.

Check these points for installing TP-Link router with modem

  1. First of all, you have to connect the TP-Link router to your modem by using an ethernet cable. You have to insert one end of the ethernet cable into yellow switch port of TP-Link router and another end into your PC’s ethernet port.
  2. After this, you have to plug the power adapter into the wall outlet. Also, plug the DC power jack into TP-link router. Now turn on the router by pressing the power button.
  3. Now, open any internet browser, type “” in the address bar and also press Enter key.
  4. You are redirected towards a window where you have to enter username and password for authentication purpose. You have to enter these details- username – admin password – admin
  5. After entering authentication details hit Login.
  6. On TP-Link, router setup wizard, move to “System Tools” menu and then tap on “Firmware Update” button.
  7. In next step, tap on “Choose File” button and then choose a factory image for TP-Link router.
  8. Make sure your router model number and version are matching, there should not exist any mismatch!
  9. Next, click on Upgrade button and choose Yes option for confirmation.
  10. Now your TP-Link router will reboot, so you to wait for a few minutes.
  11. After rebooting, again open the web page and log into TP-Link router setup wizard.
  12. Navigate to TP-Link router Management page and hit a click on Network option. After this, move to the left side and click on WAN.
  13. Modify WAN Connection type to PPPoE and proceed to next step.
  14. Now, you have to enter PPPoE username and password that is provided by your ISP.
  15. If there is no valid IP address, then you have to perform a power cycle on TP-link router. For this process, turn off TP-Link router, modem, and computer for 2 minutes. After 2 minutes, turn on all devices and establish a fresh connection between them.
  16. If you have any confusion regarding the process that is described above then drop a message, I will definitely help you. Otherwise, if you need TP-LINK TL-WR841N router reset help, contact TP-Link Router Technical Support Number.