Trend Micro Error 2902

Trend Micro Error 2902

Trend Micro Error 2902


What is Trend Micro Error 2902?

The size of the Trend Micro client package tool is usually ‘1.2 Gig’ and if the size is more than ‘300 MB’ then the Officescan agent will get the Trend Micro error  2902. This error is caused by the older versions of the operating system, but does not support large files while installing agents.

To resolve this error code 2902, you have to go through the correct process provided by the Trend Micro Support team. We’re the best and independent third party support providers in the market. You can go to our skilled team for any other problem related to this security program, and our team will provide you with the related fix for your problem right away.

Symptoms of Trend Micro Error 2902

Error 2902 in Trend Micro might occur due to any of the following causes:

  • Incomplete Installation process or corrupt downloading of the Trend Micro.
  • Recent Installation or uninstallation of any Trend Micro related program or files might have corrupted the Windows registry.
  • Windows System files or Trend Micro related program files have been affected by any Virus or malware infection.
  • Missing Trend Micro program related files as these might have been deleted (either maliciously or by mistake) by some other program.

Causes of Error 2902

While running a Trend Micro program or antivirus, there may be an error when downloading, installing or uninstalling. This error may cause your computer’s system to behave unexpectedly, such that your windows may shut down unexpectedly, triggering a program window may crash. Trend Micro Error 2902 the following symptoms appear.

  • The active program window crashes every time Error 2902 appears.
  • Your PC frequently crashes with the same Error 2902 when trying to run the same program.
  • Operation ixoFileCopy called out of sequence. Can not install OfficeScan (OSCE) agent via MSI package due to large cabinet file is displayed on your screen.
  • Windows responds really slow to any activity and runs sluggishly or reboots on its own.
  • The Computer System frequently “freezes” at periodic intervals.

Steps to Fix Trend Micro Officescan Agent Error 2902:

Method1: Repair Registry

Step1: Open command prompt in admin mode.

Step2: Type regedit.exe and press enter and in registry entries find all keys associated with error.

Step3: Now click on export in the file menu to create and save a backup, make sure you selected branch name in export file.

Method2: Scan For Malwares

Step1: Scan for latest updates of your malware.

Step2: Install updates and restart system to apply update and start scan.

Step3: After scan select automatic fix for errors.

Method3: Run Disk Cleanup

Step1: Repeat step1 method1.

Step2: Type c:\windows\SYSTEM32\cleanmgr.exe /cDrive. Here c would be your preferred drive.

Step3: To clean categories check you want to clean.

Method4: Update Device Drivers

Step1: Open device manager.

Step2:Open category from list right clicks to select update drivers.

Step3: And now select to search automatically update drivers.

If on following every method given above Trend Micro officescan agent error 2902 does not fix then you can contact an expert. To get connected with Trend micro professionals you can contact to get help online to fix the Trend Micro officescan problem. Experienced team of certified tech professionals is working here to fix the various problems you face with Trend Micro.