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TurboTax is designed to do the hard work for you, so you can be sure you find all the deductions you are entitled to, the calculations are 100% accurate and you get your biggest tax refund. You will be asked simple questions about your income, your family situation and the evolution of your tax situation and your credits. Then, based on your answers, TurboTax will look for more than 350 deductions and credits to get you the largest tax refund. See Deduction Opportunities as You Go – See what tax deductions you have taken. TurboTax can tell you how to qualify for any deduction so you do not miss any opportunity to save. Get the maximum deduction for donations, expert in life events, and get advice on your medical expenses.

Turbotax Download Free

What Makes TurboTax the Best Free Online Tax Software?

The free online tax-free software must first and foremost give you confidence in your tax return – and this is the main reason why Intuit’s TurboTax is our first choice. If you are a regular W-2 worker, you can prepare your return without paying a dime and feel comfortable with the process. TurboTax’s easy-to-understand step-by-step instructions are unprecedented even on the mobile app. In fact, it’s just as easy to drop a 1040 file by email from your smartphone or tablet (which 6 million people did last year, according to Intuit).

After taking a snapshot of your W-2 or imported from the QuickTax Payroll partner list, the software will ask you key questions throughout the ranking process to help you adjust to changes in your life that may move your taxes. There is also real-time audit risk detection and a refund ticker, and users have access to Turbotax free live advice via live chat and expert help. (If you get a paid edition, you can take advantage of SmartLook ™, which allows you to schedule one-way video chats with CPA or live registered agents.) These minor but useful details are added to make TurboTax the standard of the industry in free online tax software.

Through the company’s Turbotax Free Edition program, approximately 50 million Americans filing a 1040 return without an additional schedule qualify for free electronic filing of their federal and state returns. Specifically, whoever:

  • With a W-2 income and takes the standard deduction
  • Do not have any significant medical expenses or interest on student loans to deduct (or other detailed deductions)
  • Claim no rent, investment, business, unemployment, social security or income 1099-MISC

If you do not meet these criteria, you will navigate through several levels of pricing and complements.

File your tax return with Turbotax free tax software

TurboTax routinely offers state-of-the-art tax preparation software experience and, for the 2018 tax year, it exceeds expectations again. In addition to its user-friendly and easy-to-use interface and its very robust tax assistance, TurboTax Free has improved the software with some basics of machine learning and the ability to have your tax revised by a CPA. Unfortunately, for many users, the robust features are too expensive to make the software cost-effective, although this year there are more services available to low-income users who will be using their free services. Do you need to use TurboTax to report taxes in 2019? We will help you decide. If you’re shopping for TurboTax, again, Amazon offers special pricing for PC and Mac disks and the download is the best we’ve seen for TurboTax 2018.