Turbotax Helpline

Turbotax Helpline

Turbotax Helpline


Sometimes you need to go back and forth in your customer care department when you dig into various help topics and volumes at turboax.intuit.com, in that case they switch to email as a means of communication. Your search on their help pages in the event has been converted into an email conversation, you can expect an action to resolve the issue on a slow end. So you can go for hours or even a day without answering the turbo tax agents, but everything can be less time-consuming for a short period of time, back and forth, than on a phone with a customer service agent on a bright side.  

Top FAQs 

How do I track my state refund? 

To track your state refund :-

  • Each state handles its own refunds. Select yours below for refund tracking instructions. 
  • Keep in mind that most dates are estimates and refunds can be delayed for many reasons. If you’re concerned, please contact your state department of revenue at the links given. 
  • State tax web pages may be slow to respond during tax season. If a link appears not to be working, try again during off-hours. 

 How do I find last year’s AGI?

You can find your 2016 AGI in a number of ways: 

  • In your TurboTax Online or Mobile app account under Your tax returns and documents 
  • On your 2016 originally filed tax return, form 1040 (Line 37), 1040A (Line 21), 1040EZ (Line 4), 1040NR (Line 36), Form 1040X (Line 1, column A) 
  • By ordering a transcript on the IRS Get Transcript site 

How do import past years tax return info into this year turbotax for history?

Transferring (uploading) last year’s tax data file to TurboTax Online: 

Last year’s tax data file (.tax files) can be transferred to Online Deluxe and higher-tier versions. 

  • Sign in to TurboTax Online and continue or start your return. 
  • If you started a return, continue until you pass a completely blue screen.   
  • Select Tools from the My Account menu in the upper right corner. 
  • In the pop-up window, select Transfer last year’s TurboTax return from your computer. 
  • Read the warning and then click Continue (or Cancel to abort the transfer). 
  • Browse to where you saved your .tax2015 file and select it. 
  • Click Transfer Return and wait for your file to finish uploading. 
  • When you see Transfer Complete, click Continue to start working on your return.

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