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With TurboTax Advantage, you can download your pre-ordered TurboTax 2018 software as soon as it becomes  available – even before your CD arrives in the mail.Here’s how you can quickly find out – sign in to TurboTax Advantage. If you see the Sign Up Now button, it means you’re not a member. To subscribe, simply select the button and follow the on-screen instructions. Well, what are you waiting for? Sign up now! 

TurboTax Online offers the convenience of preparing and e-filing your tax return from virtually any computer or mobile device with Internet access. There’s no software to install and nothing you’ll need to save on your computer. We’ll store all of your information on our secure servers. TurboTax Online includes federal and state e-filing. About 75% of our customers choose this version. 

TurboTax CD/Download lets you download and install TurboTax on your personal computer. You’ll be able work on your taxes, even if you’re not connected to the Internet. Your information will be stored on your hard drive. TurboTax CD/Download includes the tax preparation fee for one state (state tax prep is an additional cost with TurboTax Basic and Business). CD/Download is a better overall value for customers preparing tax returns for multiple people. 

You don’t really need anything but your email address to get started! Just answer a few simple questions and you’re on your way. 

Having trouble signing in to your TurboTax Advantage account? 

  • Start by clicking the “I forgot my user ID or password” link at TurboTax Advantage (look under the Sign In button). Then, follow the on-screen instructions to retrieve your info. 
  • Sign in to your TurboTax Advantage account. You’ll see several options near the top of your screen, pictured below. Simply select the action you need and follow the onscreen instructions. 
  • Also, You can  call the toll-free number in your TurboTax Advantage correspondence. There agents are happy to help. 
  • Disregard any reminders to update your credit card or Advantage account if you’ve recently updated, as there contact lists are updated in advance of sending there emails. 

How do I cancel my TurboTax Advantage subscription? 

Removing all products in your account will cancel your TurboTax Advantage subscription. Here’s how: 

  • Sign in to your TurboTax Advantage account. 
  • Under Product Options, select Remove Product.
  • If you don’t see any products listed, you’re in the wrong account. Use our Account Recovery tool to get a list of all your TurboTax accounts, then sign in under a different account. 
  • On the following screen, click or tap Remove Product for each product selected. Once they’re all gone, you’ll see Your subscription has been cancelled. 
  • (Optional) To remove your credit card information you can either: 
  • Select the My Account page link on the Your subscription has been cancelled message or 
  • Select Update Personal Info to access screen where you can delete your credit card information. 

How to get tech support? 

  • Visit the link https://support.turbotax.intuit.com/contact/ to go to there Contact us page. 
  • Select your product (CD/Download Mac or CD/Download Windows), your edition (Basic, Deluxe, etc.), ask your question, then select Continue. 
  • On the following screen, enter your contact info, then select Get the phone number. 

The next best way to talk to the customer support team, according to other Turbo Tax customers, is by contacting TurboTax Support  to there Tech Support department.   


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