Turbotax error failed to extract archive

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Turbotax error failed to extract archive

Turbotax error failed to extract archive

How to fix Turbotax error failed to extract archive?

"Failed to store turbotax error archive" failed due to an immediate error of the system or application element its normal operation failed to run properly. Fail to remove archive while trying to install a downloadable turbotax software after it was corrupted.


  1. Delete the downloaded file.
  2. Search Windows for%temp% (include the percent characters) to locate the Temp
  3. Open theTemp folder and then delete all folders starting with ckz__.
  4. Turn off virus-protection software.
  5. Disable your firewall.
  6. Using a different browser, re-download your Turbotax program or manual update, then try to install again. Remember to re-enable your antivirus and firewalls after successful installation.

If the same error persists, follow Steps 1–3, restart your computer in selective startup mode, and then carry out the remaining steps.

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