Unfortunately App has stopped in Android

Unfortunately App has stopped in Android

Unfortunately App has stopped in Android


If you are an Android user, you have certainly faced an error with a rating of “Unfortunately, WhatsApp has stopped” if you use WhatsApp. In the same way, this note appears for all applications if an error is detected. This error causes the application to crash suddenly, and the application stops working for a while. Then, your home screen appears on the screen instead of the application element and says “Unfortunately, your application has stopped.” It offers you three options: Wait, Report and OK. Many users have complained about this error affecting the operation of the application. This happens suddenly without giving a pre-sign. You will find that your application is working properly and has dropped in an instant.

Common methods to fix the error “Unfortunately, the application stopped”

“Unfortunately, the application has stopped”, the error is very common on Android devices and many factors are causing the error, such as obsolete applications, the application that keeps crashing is the Android System Webview application. In total, we introduce five methods to solve the annoying problem, hope that at least one of the methods works for your case.

Method 1. Re-install the app

We suggest you take the method for the first attempt if you get the error for this application only instead of huge. Start by uninstalling the application that is causing the problem, and then reinstall it. Check to see if you remove the “Unfortunately, the app has stopped” prompt.

Method 2. Uninstall newly installed apps

Sometimes newly installed applications do not support the software or hardware of the device. Therefore, they must be removed from the device to remove errors caused by the application itself.

Method 3. Clear cache

Cache files are the main source of errors and application problems. By clearing the cache, you can resolve many of the problems associated with applications. To clear the cache, go to Settings> Application> Manage Applications> Select the “All” tabs, select the application that generated an error, and then tap Clear cache and data.

Method 4. Clear RAM

Clear RAM is a good deal when you face the error “Unfortunately, the application stopped” in Android. Because applications running in the background use a lot of RAM, there is less RAM available for use of the application, which generates the error. Go to Task Manager> RAM> Clear Memory.

Method 5. Factory Reset

If none of the above methods worked, you must reset your device at the factory. Some of you may be reluctant to perform a factory reset because this behavior will erase all application-related data, all software updates, even your photos, documents, messages, contacts, and all personal files stored in Android storage memory.