Voice Search SEO

Voice Search SEO

Voice Search SEO


What Is Voice Engine Optimization?

Voice Engine Optimization (VEO) is the well-known Chatmeter term for voice-based search engine optimization. VEO involves optimizing your content, location, and brand information to increase your chances of generating voice search results. You may think that it is too early to think about voice search. Well, think again.

Just look at the penetration level of voice search in different sectors from 2017.

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The Benefits of Voice Commands for Search

As voice recognition technology becomes more accurate and versatile, users are beginning to reap the benefits of using voice commands for research.

According to Google’s research, here are the main reasons why users use their voice-activated speakers:

  1. It allows them to do more tasks easily.
  2. It allows them to do things faster than other devices.
  3. It allows them to instantly get answers and information.
  4. It makes their daily life easier.

Voice commands are a great tool when cooking and you have to check a recipe but your hands are covered in flour. It is also a hands-free method widely used to obtain local business information while driving. At the same time, almost anyone can ask a question aloud more quickly than necessary, especially when using a mobile device.

Nowadays, many people are still learning to use voice search for information, but it is becoming a valuable tool to simplify the search process and quickly get answers without interrupting your other daily tasks.

How to Optimize Your Website for Voice Search

Since, as noted above, voice search is usually characterized by questions, your content must be able to respond to this request. So, how do you optimize voice search?

It depends on these factors:

  1. Use natural language
  2. Form queries into question sentences
  3. Provide concise answers to questions
  4. Target long tail keywords
  5. Think about the intentions of the user
  6. Focus on action requests
  7. Set your local SEO scheme
  8. Check that your website is fast, compatible with mobile devices and secure.
  9. Make sure your Google My Business profile is fully populated, including your description, business hours, name, address, and phone number.

Why You Should Care About the Voice Search Revolution

Optimization for traditional research is very different from the voice. According to studies, the first natural search results on Google’s SERP reach 35.35% of clicks. In voice search, the window is even smaller. There are only three main results for mobile and a result for smart speakers. Ranking at the top means everything.

By 2020, up to 50% of all research activities will be conducted vocally. Businesses need to start preparing and optimizing voice search to get ahead. In two years, the level of competition will be stronger than ever. Just think about 50% of all these voice searches showing only one result.