VPN Error 800

VPN Error 800

VPN Error 800


What is VPN Error 800?

Roughly speaking, the VPN error 800 code means that your connection fails. So, when you can not access your VPN, you receive this error message. When you try to connect to a virtual private network and you can not, you will receive an error message with a number based on your problem. Among these errors, error 800 is one of the most common errors experienced by users. The worst thing about this error is that it does not specify why the connection fails.

VPN Error 800

What causes error 800?

It is indeed a little shocking that the true reason for error 800 is not completely known, but there are several reasons why error 800 may appear on your screen. Here is an overview of all the reasons that may explain the 800 error displayed on the screen:

  1. Firewall settings
  2. A software that is intervening with your VPN
  3. Issues with the network
  4. Incorrectly entered user names or addresses
  5. Issues with your connectivity
  6. Virus or malware in your system
  7. Installation of the VPN software might be corrupted or incomplete

There might be other reasons as to why error 800 is occurs, but the ones that are mentioned above are the most common.

How To Fix VPN Error 800?

Fixing is simple, what we are going to teach is how to fix the causes mentioned above.

1)Check if your firewall is blocking VPN connections:

To check if this is the case, disable the firewall and check if the connections are working. In this case, you will need to update your firewall configuration with additional settings corresponding to the port numbers used by the VPN.

2)Make sure that the client-server network connection is good:

To check if the network connection is a problem, you can ping the server. You can also try the connection from a different client device to make sure that the problem does or does not come from the connectivity of a specific client. Try the connection after waiting a minute or two.

3)Check if you have entered the correct VPN server name and address:

You may receive this error message if the name you entered does not match the name of the server configured by the VPN administrator. You can enter your IP address instead of your name, but you are more likely to make a mistake. Make sure this is not the case and if so, correct them.